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Graveyard - Swedish rockers speak up!
I recently reviewed there fantastic debut album and got a thank you e-mail. I figured I'd get them to do a mail interview while in contact and they agreed! Check out the answers by singer and guitarplayer Joakim, from maybe the best band in Sweden!

For those who never heard of Graveyard, please introduce yourself to our readers.

We're a Hard Rock band from Gothenburg that have been around for little over a year. The bands lineup is
Joakim Nilsson(Norrsken, Albatros) � Guitar and Vocals
Rikard Edlund(Norrsken, Albatros) � Bass
Jonatan Ramm(Solarius) � Guitar, Backing vocals
Axel Sj�dahl(Albatros) � Drummerboy
On the record you also hear Truls M�rck on guitar, vocals, piano and organ. He decided to leave the band after the recordings were done and then Jonatan joined.

(Rikard, Axel, Joakim and Jonatan)

How can you best describe your music?

We are, as you can hear, influenced by a lot of old rockbands and we are playing in that style but with a newer feeling. The music is almost always quite hard but with softer passages. We are trying to keep a quite raw sound and mix that with blues, psych and folk music.

How long did it take to make the album, from concept to CD?

We recorded almost all music in a two week session in April and in May we used a week to put down vocals and some guitar. And because our producer is a busy man we didn't mix and master the CD until late August and then it was released in the October.

Where does the name of the band come from?

We like the feeling of the word and as a friend told us, it's a place everybody is dying to get to.

Where does the name for the album come from?

We didn't put to much thought into that, the album is self titled, like many debut albums.

What gear do you guys use? (Amps, drumkit, guitars)

I'm using a Hagstr�m Swede guitar with a Laney Klipp amp and a homemade cab.
Jonatan uses Gibson LP and SG with Marshall amp and cab.
Rikard uses a Rickenbacker and Ampeg amp with homemade cab.
Axel is beating up an old Rogers kit.

Stones or Beatles?

Two great bands with lots of good and bad tunes. I will have to say Beatles but thats my personal opinion.

Cream or Led Zeppelin?

I don't think I can choose, I've listened more and longer to Zeppelin. And I'm not that impressed of what Clapton and Bruce have produced after Cream, so it will have to be Zeppelin.

Nirvana or Pearl Jam?

Definitely Nirvana.

What bands did you grow up with?

That question can be a little awkward because I didn't always listen to great music. But I'm an old Punkrocker and Rikard a Metalhead. The others grew up listening to Swedish dance bands.

What bands are you really into now?

I don't really listen much to modern music, mostly QOTSA, TSOOL and TOOL. I always listen to Neil Young and lately it's been mostely Masters apprentice, Stray and Steamhammer.

What is your all-time favourite album?

Thats a hard one but I'll have to say H.P. Lovecraft II. But if you ask me again later I am certain it will be something else.

Top 5 bands/albums our readers should have at home?

You definitely have to own an early Sabbath record and maybe First days here with Pentagram because it's the origin of doom.
The first with Captain Beyond is another ground breaking record.
And then maybe something with Bang(the first two) and T2(It'll all work out in boomland) and you'll have a great start.

Which country or festival is special for you guys to play?

We don't discriminate anyone, we'd like to play everywhere but the Roadburn festival seems like a cool place to play at.

What does the future hold for Graveyard?

We are going to do a couple of shows in Germany, Netherlands and Denmark and hopefully going on a tour in the states when the record will be released there. Then we are planning to do a longer tour in Europe in the spring next year. We also want to record another album quite soon and maybe release something between records.

Anything you guys want to add?

Dont eat the yellow snow.
Details Written on 2007-11-06
Writer @LondonCustoms

Tags: #Graveyard
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