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Graveyard - Graveyard
From all the albums I reviewed for Metalrage, some were crap, a lot were OK, some made my regular I-pod rotation and now�after Hermano and The Cult�I received an album, which is in my favorites list!! Ladies and gentledudes I give you: Graveyard and their self-titled debut album.

I guess Graveyard stands for the many 70�s psychedelic rock bands that have died and resurrected as four Swedish gents that blew my mind! This album is filled with great seventies psychedelic rock!! Even the production sucks me into a time machine back to the days were a part of me really wants to be! The CD starts off with the easy �Evil ways� and steadily takes you on a journey through time and musical excellence. Be sure to check out  �As the years pass by, the hours bend�, to me the highlight of this album, even though the entire album has a real high standard.

For those who can�t read or think, this album is fan-fuckin�-tastic!! November 11th Graveyard plays in some Cave in Tilburg called �Little Devil�. To all bookers and venues in Holland. Get your asses to the nearest phone and get this band to play here!! (And while you�re at it, get them to take some tall blond women.) And to everyone reading this, go see this band and check this album out! Do you like Cream? Do you like daddies old seventies records, like I do? Go get this!
Graveyard - Graveyard
96/1001Details Transubstans and Teepee Records
Released on Sunday Sep 30th, 2007
Psychedelic rock

Writer @LondonCustoms on Friday Oct 26th, 2007

Tags: #Graveyard
Tracklisting 1. Evil ways
2. Thin line
3. Lost in confusion
4. Don't take us for fools
5. Blue soul
6. Submarine blues
7. As the years pass by, the hours bend
8. Right is wrong
9. Satan's finest
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