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Poisonblack - Tarmo Kanerva prefers Conan and Where Eagles Dare
Things seem to be going alright for Finland's Poisonblack. Their latest album landed 6th on the Finnish charts, a nice tour with Dark Tranquillity is in the making, and to top it off, drummer Tarmo got the chance to answer a Metalrage questionnaire!

For those out there who aren't familiar with the band, could you introduce yourself and the band.

Ok. My name is Tarmo Kanerva and I play drums in Poisonblack. Other members are: Ville Laihiala, vocals + guitar, Janne Markus, guitar, Marco Sneck, keyboards, Antti Remes, bass.

Can you tell us a bit about the recording process? A rough ride or a walk in the park?

I think it was more or less a walk in the park. We recorded the album in our hometown Oulu and it´s always nice if you are able to work close to your families & friends. Recordings went surprisingly smoothly technically as well. We didn´t have any major problems with recording equipment or anything like that which is quite unusual...

You've got quite a tour planned this fall. What's to be expected, loads of new stuff?

Yes, I´m sure we will play a lot of new stuff. Of course we will include some old favourites to our set as well, but I guess the most of the songs we will be playing come from "A Dead Heavy Day".

What made you decide you wanted to make music? Can you recall a certain decisive moment in your life that made you go: 'man, that's what I want to do with my life?'

Well, I think it was when I first time heard Iron Maiden´s Piece Of Mind album. You know the opening track "Where Eagles Dare" which starts with this great drum fill? I guess hearing it was the moment when I felt like: "Wow, this is something that I wanna try, too"!

The Finnish rock and metal scene is one of the more productive and successful out there. What is it that you Finns have that other countries, like The Netherlands lack?

Man, this is really often asked question and it´s hard to give just one reason. I thing it´s mainly because the bands here are sort of feeding each others flames, you know. What I mean is that if there´s a great band rehearsing right next door to you at your rehearsal place, it pushes also your band to try a little bit harder and slowly it makes the whole genre stronger. I also think that the success of bands like HIM, Nightwish or Children Of Bodom has openened many doors for other Finnish bands as well.

What's your number one activity whilst on the tour bus?

Well, let´s hope it won´t be drinking anymore! Seriously, usually you just try to sleep or read something, perhaps. Sometimes it´s fun just to sit on the bus and watch the landscape go passing by. Basically it´s all about just trying to find out a way to kill some time, you know.

The all important question; Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone?

In my opinion neither of these two. But if I´m forced to choose between them, I have to say Arnold Schwarzenegger. At least he has acted in "Conan The Barbarian" which is in a classic in a cheesy way!

What are the plans for the future? World domination in the works?

We will do an European tour with Dark Tranquillity and Fear My Thoughts in October/November and after that we will play several headlining shows in Finland. Next summer we will also play a lot of festivals and hopefully we are able to do another tour next spring, but it´s still too early to talk about that.

Anything to add to the readers?

Hopefully you come to see us when we are playing in Holland next fall! Keep it heavy until then!