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Lacuna Coil, Moonspell, Passenger, Poisonblack - Live in Tilburg

Due to a fortunate event, I was able to witness one of my favourite bands ever. Moonspell had to perform, together with Lacuna Coil from Italy, Poisonblack and Passenger from Scandinavia. South meets North, as Moonspell is from Portugal. 4 superb performing bands and this night certainly was worth the effort of getting there.


The first band on the bill was Poisonblack, the little child from Sentenced vocalist Ville Laihiala, and they played a nice set, but the problem was that the music sounded exactly like Sentenced. If you compare a record like Frozen with Poisonblack, you won't hear any significant differences. Anyways, the music was neat and songs like In Lust, All Else Is Hollow and With Her I Die got through nicely. The audience wasn't that excited, perhaps because it was quite early when it started. 5 o'clock is quite early for a metal gig to start. The beer was flowing richly already and after 35 minutes of gothic doom metal later it was time for another Scandinavian band.


Again a side project from a vocalist of another band. Anders Friden from In Flames has given his voice to this new metalact from the northern parts of Europe. I expected to see just one of 1000 ordinary Swedish metal acts, but this was totally different. The music was not complex, but sounded very nice, and the mostly clean vocals were a lust for the ear. Also the music was put in together in a normal way and the first moshpit was created. Passenger played the songs from their self titled debut album. Songs like For You, Just The Same, I Die Slowly and Circles were all played. In some songs there was a quite obvious link to In Flames, as the vocals do make a big part in the music. Passenger impressed me, and a quite big lot of the audience. Good job.


This was the band that I wanted to witness the whole day. This would be the 3th time I saw them. They opened their set with a song from the new album Antidote, In And Above Men, which presented the raw way Moonspell has gone into. Remembering the magic from an album like Wolfheart, these songs from the Antidote album all do have that raw sound. No more drowning into misery and shit like that like Darkness&Hope, an album that didn't come back in the show, except for the strong song Devilred. The show of Moonspell had everything it needed. Classics like Alma Mater and Vampiria, and a whole shitload of new songs from the Antidote album. I heard Everything Invaded, where they also shot a video for, Lunar Still, From Lowering Skies and the beautiful title track Antidote. Moonspell did it, and how! They kept my attention for the whole show and that means just enough for me. A great show at the end of the year, and too bad the year lists are posted, but this certainly deserved a spot in the top 10.

Lacuna Coil:

I wasn't a big fan of Lacuna Coil, and I only knew their album Comalies, until this night!. Of course they played enough songs from this album. Daylight Dancer, Heaven's A Lie and Swamped were songs I recognized. Further along I heard In A Reverie, but that was it for the remembrance. The show was neat, and everyone who came for a shining Lacuna Coil, certainly had their joy. I couldn't detect any errors in the played songs, and it all sounded like something they've done for a long time. A good oil-rubbed machine, with individual parts that all perform on a high level. I first tripped over the voice of Cristina, but after a few songs I was used to it, I enjoyed the low pitched grunt of Andrea more though. After almost 1 and a half hour later Lacuna Coil ended their show and this was quite promising. It was just a great evening with fine music!