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Slechtvalk, Miseration, My Silent Wake, Inevitable End - Fear Dark Festival 2009
Through the years the Fear Dark Festivals have become one of the most important festival-tours within the Christian European metal scene. The first edition of this event took place in Ede, The Netherlands in 2002 and since then it travels from town to town in The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. This year they decided to slow things down a bit though. This resulted in just one festival with the four acts: Slechtvalk (NL), Miseration (S), My Silent Wake (Uk) and opener Inevitable End (S).

The most brutal band as first act of the line-up. It wasn’t the first time to experience something like this. Inevitable End is a newly signed band to Relapse Records, who recently released their debut record The Severed Inception. This eve was their first time to present it to the Dutch crowd. A set full of technical deathgrind was thrown upon the audience with a lot enthusiasm and action both on and off stage. Too bad that the action off stage was mostly caused by the singer and guitarist themselves, who occasionally jumped into the public. Unexpected tempo changes and abrupt endings of songs made it a tough show for those who didn’t know what to expect from this Swedes, but I surely enjoyed their presented material. I’m sure these guys will kick a lot more ass on the upcoming Neurotic Deathfest with fans of their genre! (Mindsaver)
My Silent Wake definitely made some more accessible music than Inevitable End did, but also these Brits couldn’t turn on the crowd. They (more than once) said they played some authentic British doom, but then they aren’t familiar with their country mates from My Dying Bride I guess. Even if you don’t like doom, while watching a show of last named you’re being sucked into their world. They create an atmosphere that doesn’t let you go until the end of the concert. My Silent Wake only succeeded in creating an atmosphere in which you had to drink lots of beer at the bar in the other room. (Gilles)
Miseration, brainchild of the known metalheads Christian Älvestam and Jani Stefanovic has grown a lot lately. A two-man project became a full band and their debut Your Angels - Their Demons, which initially came out through Rivel Records, has been re-released by their new label Lifeforce. Tonight I finally had the opportunity to see this band live, but as hard as the band tried to convince the crowd here in Amersfoort, they didn’t seem to gain any fans at all. Charismatic frontman Christian did everything to encourage the public but every attempt miserably failed. Not because of their weak songs or mentality but probably only because of the extremely weak sound. This band usually grooves as a motherfucker, but tonight all melodies were completely taken out of the mix. The guitars became one flat blur, making it hard to even recognize the songs. Only the bass drum and vocals were clearly audible, and so their gig turned in a big letdown. Two new songs from the to be recorded sophomore album couldn’t bring any change to that. Too bad. (Mindsaver)
Headlining the ’09 edition of the Fear Deark Festival was entrusted to Slechtvalk. The band started as a solo project of singer / guitarist Shamgar, but after the release of its first album Shamgar formed a band around him and they got more and more famous. This was also noticeable from the reactions of the crowd tonight. Slechtvalk by far received the best reactions, but it also must be said: they definitely were the best band of the night. Their mixture of Christian black metal (unblack as you may call it) and folk was played in a great way. They won’t ever win a prize for their originality, but they sure entertained! Maybe I wouldn’t have been this positive about Slechtvalk if Miseration would have had a better sound. Miseration probably has the most potential of the two, but just for now: SlechtvalkMiseration 1 – 0. (Gilles)
Details Written on Friday May 29th, 2009
Writer @Gilles

Tags: #Slechtvalk #Miseration #My Silent Wake #Inevitable End
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