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Mumakil, Inevitable End, Infuriate - NDF Afterparty
The very next day after the Neurotic Death Fest, I had another gig of death metal and grindcore going down. Two of the smaller Relapse Records bands at the festival came down to my hometown to destroy whatever was left of my senses. Time to grind once more!

Local support act Infuriate had the honor of starting the party with their thrash/death metal. The band features the vocalist of my own band, yet they rarely play live. It’s fun to see him go all-out with his brutal voices, yet it hurts a bit to see him outclass his band-mates by far. The rest of the band is far from tight and don’t put up an amazing show to watch at either. Yet all is forgiven when vocalist Remco shows up on stage wearing a gasmask covered in fake blood, grunting and screaming for an entire song. It’s a real thrill to see, and hear! Practice more guys, and who knows what might come out!

Up next was the Swedish death metal band Inevitable End, who just recently got signed to Relapse Records and released their debut full length The Severed Inception. Their mixture of death metal, deathcore and grindcore might be hard to swallow for those who hear it for the first time, but they make up for that by putting on an intensive and highly active live show. The guitarist and singer are everywhere, on stage and off stage. Both of them like to climb the PA, jumping back on stage and basically flying around like maniacs. Their music has some nice twists and turns to it, which lifts it above average and makes for an interesting show to watch. I hope they’ll do some more touring soon!

I’d been looking forward to catching Mumakil live for a long time now, and tonight would be my first full show. The day before it was just too crowded and hot, but today the circumstances were perfect. The band blasted away with full force, and they didn’t stop with their relentless attack until they finished playing. This band has like no breaks at all, just power, full power and lethal power. Especially live it seems like they explode, it’s like you’re caught in a crossfire and there’s no way out. For some it might just be a little bit too much, I personally just couldn’t get enough! Damn fast and utterly brutal, just my cup of Sunday tea! Grindcore with a capital G!