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Inevitable End - The Severed Inception
Originally formed as a thrash/death metal outfit, the Swedish band Inevitable End has released just two demos before signing to the prestigious Relapse Records. Now more active in the regions of death metal and grindcore, this fourpiece deliver their debut record The Severed Inception, ready to lay rampage upon your ears.
The style of death metal and grindcore found on this debut full length is highly technical, yet very raw and intense. A fuzzy yet punching bass guitar, groovy yet razorsharp guitars, pounding and blasting drums and a collection of screams and roars are what tthis record is made of. It’s delivered with the technicality and precision of death metal, yet it is executed with the passion and energy of grindcore. Luckily there is also room for a bit of melody here and there, which together with the interesting song structures make sure The Severed Inception has enough dynamics to be interesting for the whole run.
Although no wheels are being reinvented here, I have to say that Inevitable End offers a slightly refreshing yet sort of familiar view on today’s extreme music. If you like a decent battering in brutal death metal, these Swedes might offer what you’re looking for. I for one am curious to find out if they can reach the same level of intensity live, or even exceed it. I am bound to find out soon, at the Neurotic Death Fest!
Inevitable End - The Severed Inception
79/1001Details Relapse Records
Released on Monday Mar 23rd, 2009
Death Metal / Grindcore

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Mar 31st, 2009

Tags: #Inevitable End
Tracklisting 1. The Sever​ed Incep​tion
2. Dream​sight​ Synop​sis
3. Embra​cing The Origi​n
4. Perse​verin​g Incit​ement​
5. Colla​pse In Rever​se
6. Disto​rted
7. First​born Of All Dead
8. Appre​ntice​ Lumin​ous Acqua​intan​ce
9. The Art Of Corru​ption​
Line up Andreas Gerd�n: Vocals
Emil Westerdahl: Bass
Joakim Malmborg: Drums
Marcus �Sk�gget� Bertilsson: Guitar
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