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Deicide, Samael, Vader, Devian, Order Of Ennead, The Amenta - Winterfest in Tilburg
The Winterfest which is raging through Europe has quite some big names in its line-up. If it isn't for Vader and Deicide, it's for Devian's and Order of Ennead's experienced musicians. Or for the promising newcomers The Amenta. Oh, I almost forgot to mention Samael! But all of us had to pee during the entire set of this band. Or drink beer, or smoke, or puke or all of the above. Let's see how the others did tonight!

Tonight it was the first show for Australia’s The Amenta on European soil. Quite a package to be touring with outside your own country for the first time. The industrial death metal put forward by this five-some started out quite blurry, but as the songs progressed, so did the sound. The samples and keyboards which play an important role in The Amenta’s music were gradually balanced out to where they were supposed to be, making this band sound like they are supposed to. Sporting grey body paint and coloured lenses, the band made a lasting impression on the small crowd that decided to come early this evening. I hope to see them again soon, as headliners in a smaller venue please. (DemonDust)
The American black metal band Order Of Ennead were actually substituting for Zonaria, who couldn’t make it to this tour. The band features two members of the tour’s headliners Deicide, namely drummer Steve Asheim and touring guitarist Kevin Quirion, who are doing double duties for this Winterfest tour. Guitarist Kevin is also the vocalist for Order Of Ennead, but he unfortunately packs only one traditional black metal scream voice which starts to bore quite quickly. The band plays your average fast paced black metal with some hints of death metal here and there, but other than being very tight and having a small Asian dude play some fast solos, this band didn’t have much to offer. (DemonDust)
When Devian’s debut record Ninewinged Serpent came out in 2007, I gave it a reasonable amount of spins. Live, this band with ex-Marduk singer Legion has a way more thrash metal feel than the death and black that I liked at that time. For me that wasn’t a good surprise, but the thing which was really awful was the overdone enthusiasm of especially Legion. Don’t get me wrong; it’s praiseworthy to go for the 100% although there’s a yawning audience. But the difference in enthusiasm in this case is best described as when you get really tired of someone on XTC who just can’t stop talking anymore. They are the worst. So Devian didn’t reach the audience because it was overdone. (Sledgehammer)
They might become aged, but after 25 years of existence Poland’s Vader is still not slowing down. During 2008’s anniversary year, fans were treated with two EPs and a double disc compilation of re-recorded Vader classics, while a new studio album is currently in the making. Also extensive tours all around the globe are regular happenings for this band, now taking part in this Winterfest package with the kick off here in Tilburg. The fact that they weren’t the headliner and thus had to deal with a relatively short playtime of 45 minutes could drop out positive if the band gave everything they had in just a short time. Unfortunately their performance wasn’t so powerful as previous shows I’ve seen from them. The drum sound wasn’t as pounding as normal, which reduces the blown away-effect. This was probably the result of the departure of Daray, who is replaced by Paweł Jaroszewicz. Also Peter’s flanks are currently filled by two session musicians, being Waclaw "Vogg" Kieltyka (Decapitated, guitar) and Reyash (bass). Definitely no new guys in the scene but maybe the reason why Vader wasn’t that smooth of a machine they used to be, yet. The setlist was changed in comparison with that of previous gigs, including classics like “The Crucified Ones”, “Decapitated Saints”, “Silent Empire”, “Blood Of Kingu” and “Black To The Blind”, completed with “Wings” from Litany and the always intense “This Is The War” followed by “Lead Us !!!”. In conclusion; Vader is always fun, though they weren’t in shape on this first date yet. (Mindsaver)
On the previous European tour we unfortunately had to miss Glenn Benton, because he couldn’t leave the USA ‘cause of some legal matters. The drummer of Severe Torture was so courageous to fill in for him on the first dates, being informed just some hours before the show. Although praiseworthy to let the shows go on, I asked myself whether they shouldn’t have cancelled the tour. Because what is Deicide without the charismatic Glenn? The man with the deepest grunt of the death metal scene and having an upside down crucifix burned in his forehead. Oh man, I’m still so fucking proud that I once touched that beautiful piece of skin and I still like to brag about that. Even to my Christian girlfriend. I also even told her how hard I yelled “Kill the Christian” when Glenn announced this very song. Anyway, what I was saying was that although classics such as 'Dead by Dawn' also plainly instrumental stand their ground, the grunts of Glenn are just indispensable. So this review has become a shameless praising of this man. I just had to notice that without Glenn, Deicide is just brutal and with Glenn, Deicide is the most blasphemous and scaring band in the world, period. Glenn, you made my day, FUCK YEAH! (Sledgehammer)