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Vader, Septicflesh, Devian, Inactive Messiah - XXI Anniversary Tour
This year is Vader’s 25th anniversary, and being a diehard-fan of their latest works I of course was present at their special celebration tour. For the first time ever I went to the Atak in Enschede (close to the border between the Netherlands and Germany), a small yet cosy venue where everybody seemed to know each other. A perfect atmosphere for a party!

The night started with Inactive Messiah, a Polish band that I already saw twice before as support of Vader. I presume that these dudes are really good friends with the guys from Vader, because what they showed us tonight was really bad. I remember that their industrial-like metal wasn’t really interesting the first two times either, but this time it got really worse when the band seemed not to be inspired at all. Simple sounding riffs and no movement on stage made it a fight against my sleep for me. As a band you’re certainly doing something wrong then.

The Swedes from Devian, whose members are known from renowned acts such as Marduk, Nominon and Pan.Thy.Monium, were up next. I was curious about this band since I read some good reviews about their debut record Ninewinged Serpent, but without ever hearing the album itself it unfortunately didn’t become as interesting as I had hoped for. Whether Devian was responsible for this I don’t know, but unless their hate filled mix of black, death and thrash metal and their motivated presentation they didn’t seem to get the crowd going. All in all a not so spectacular show and even a little disappointment.

The reunited Greeks from Septicflesh (Septic Flesh before they broke up) had the
honour of being the direct support of Vader. What they presented us was a truly convincing show in which the band unleashed some brutal death and black metal that, all layered on atmospheric soundscapes and combined with magnificent guitar play, created a mighty feeling. Their power also led to the first moshpits of tonight - proof that I wasn’t the only one being impressed by these guys. I’m sure gonna check out their new record Communion, of which I also remember that the titletrack did really well live. Devastating!

When we were heading towards midnight, Vader showed up on stage. Immediately it became clear that they were the undoubted headliners of tonight - they couldn’t do anything wrong. The set seemed to become more brutal by every song, and while the audience didn’t respond much to Piotr’s comments during the songs, they went totally loose during them. The only thing I found questionable was the length of the set - just short over an hour, and also the ‘special’ setlist that they had announced was one to put question marks behind. I’m not familiar enough with Vader’s early work to recall any older special tracks, but I heard quite a lot songs from their recent releases such as ‘Helleluyah!!! (God Is Dead)’ and ‘The Book’. Vader closed their regular set with ‘This Is The War’ while they finished the battle with ‘Wings’. This was without a doubt the best Vader show I’ve witnessed - 25 years and still at the front of extreme metal!

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