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Municipal Waste, Victims - The Waste strikes again!
What a fucking night in Amsterdam! Melkweg was host to a number of acts several of us wanted to see. There was Municipal Waste in the small hall, the big hall held Mastodon and across the street the Sugar Factory was hosting Dirty Little Rabbits featuring Slipknot’s Clown. We tried to see as much as possible on this sort of mini-festival, here’s the story for the legendary Waste.
Unfortunately the Belgian hardcore punks Reproach cancelled their supporting slot for tonight, so we were immediately treated on a set from Sweden’s Victims. Arriving a bit late, I rushed into the venue still wearing my coat. Unfortunately it seemed my high hopes were ungrounded, for what I saw was a pretty standard straight forward (punk) hardcore band. I had hoped for a fierce performance by a band with a face of its own, in the six songs or so I saw I didn’t detect that at all. A bit of a letdown, for this band does feature some known Swedish underground musicians and I heard nothing but good stories about previous shows. Maybe next time…
Personally I am not that impressed with Municipal Waste’s new album Massive Aggressive, I feel it is a bit more calm and serious than its predecessor. I thought they passed their highlight already, yet as soon as their show started I was instantly proven wrong. These guys still have it for sure! The crowd went nuts instantly and kept going with walls of death, circlepits, stage-diving and all the insane shit that goes down mandatory at a show of the Waste. A nice selection of tracks of all their albums was played for the frantic crowd that seemingly still hasn’t had enough of these leaders of the thrash/hardcore revival, and by the looks of the band itself, they’re far from done as well. The sound was perfectly in order tonight, I especially focused on the drumwork by one of the best metal drummers in the world, mister Dave Witte. He really lifts the already great riffing material to a higher level with awesome fills and rolls throughout the whole set, amazing work! As I said, I was proven wrong by these lads, they’re not done and will only get bigger and bigger in the future. I bet I will find myself checking them out many times to come in the future, you should too!