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Municipal Waste, Citizens Patrol, Cracks In The Wall - Metal in Eindhoven
With a couple of friends, I went off to this Monday night show in Dynamo Eindhoven. I must say, after seeing Municipal Waste for the last time just 4 months ago, I wasn’t that excided to see them again as I did the last time. But hey! A lame monday night and The Waste are playing in the neighbourhood... Then you just go to the show!

The opening band for tonight was Cracks In The Wall, a punk formation from the city of Tilburg. Quite an honor for these youngsters to open for a popular band like this, yet their inexperience and inability to write decent songs quickly got on my nerves. Nothing was anywhere near tight or well-performed, just a piece of shit-punk. Please rehearse more before you bother my ears again. (DemonDust)

The next band was Citizens Patrol, a band from the dirty South of The Netherlands. These guys completely took me by surprise with their imitation of the Municipal Waste sound. Yet their approach to the hardcore thrash revival was slightly more punkrock than thrash metal with a high pace, a large dosis of mosh riffs, fast vocals and short songs in general. The only negative thing I have to mention about these guys is that the vocalist really needs to start working out; he is out of breath after three songs or so due to the tremendous amount of lyrics crammed into the short tracks and his over-enthusiastic performance. Get in shape and really blow a crowd the fuck away. The music is bound to do so. Keep an eye out for these guys if you’re into this scene. (DemonDust)

After the blast that was called Citizens Patrol, it was time for the band that the totally packed basement of Dynamo had come to see. The Waste! I’ve seen this band dozens of times before and they always delivered the goods. Just plain good old crossover/thrash-metal in the best ways of bands from the mid 80s. Pure fun and chaos. Always one big mess on stage and among the crowd. It was no different this monday night. It was again fun to see that Municipal Waste attracts a very diverse crowd. From oldschool metalheads to hardcore kids or even punks and squatters. I love these kinds of crowds. They blasted off with one of the tracks from their last record, The Art Of Partying. Yet, I can’t remember which one anymore (sorry, the beers did their work). The basement exploded in one big orgy of slamming and diving people. Great to see the crowd going wild! But tonight I kind of missed the passion from the band. It seemed to me that they played on autopilot. And they still delivered the goods, but I’ve seen them ten times better and more passionate before. The crowd didn’t seem to care. Songs like Unleash The Bastard, Mental Shock and The Thrashin’ Of The Christ got in like sweet candy to a little child. Even on a bad night, you can’t go wrong with this band live. The crowd was eating out of their hands. All in all the show lasted for barely 45 minutes and that is including 2 encores! After the show I spoke to the singer for a bit, and he seemed to be a bit ill. Maybe that was the reason the fire wasn’t there! (RoyBalowski)