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The Dillinger Escape Plan - Destroying Amsterdam, again!
Just last minute I was able to arrange a guestlist for this very rapidly sold out concert of mathcore founders The Dillinger Escape Plan. I try to go to their shows everytime they hit the Netherlands, but when they play in Amsterdam it is always a bit more special than elsewhere. People here destroy, and the band knows that. Preparing for their new album Option Paralysis (hundred bucks says that title is about guitarist Ben), their first through Season Of Mist Records, they are laying siege upon Europe once more.
While downstairs a bunch of people were enjoying the gayness of Kasabian, upstairs an eager audience was awaiting the mayhem to come. As soon as the lads took the stage, the room exploded. The band went frantic instantly, as usual, and rampaged across the stage as if their lives depended on it. The crowd willingly embraced this (as the sound proved to be more than just good) and responded with moshpits, stagediving and loud cheers and applauding in between songs. The band offered material from all their full lengths, with their most recent effort Ire Works being represented the most. Also the more non-chaotic tracks from that album passed by, like ‘Black Bubblegum’, ‘Milk Lizard’ and even the jazzy ‘Mouth Of Ghosts’ in which guitarist Ben plays the piano and in the end their roadie gets to join in on the rock guitar part. Quite some songs from Miss Machine passed by as well, and also ‘When Good Dogs Do Bad Things’ from their EP with Mike Patton was included in the set. Also some new tracks passed by (I think there were three, including the already released ‘Farewell, Mona Lisa’) which sounded very promising for the next album. Luckily the band hasn’t forgotten their old-time fans at all, which vocalist Greg emphasized tonight by telling the audience that in Holland it’s always special for them. Even when in other countries like ten people might show up, there was always a crowd for them in The Netherlands, especially in Amsterdam. Those who for some reason keep coming out to their shows got the song ‘Sunshine The Werewolf’ dedicated to them, which was received with a massive moshpit and stagediving once more. Of course quite a number of tracks from Calculating Infinity also passed by in their set which lasted over an hour, with special attention to that record in their encore. Last song of the night was of course ‘43% Burnt’ which resulted in the last battlefield of the night with Ben Weinman ending up on the bas amp, Jeff Tuttle in the moshpit (with guitar) and a whole lot of people doing frontflips from the stage. Total fucking annihilation!
I do want to point out some things that I noticed during the show (even tough this is getting to be a pretty long story already for just one band, haha). The band has improved, especially vocally. Greg Puciato has less weak moments in his clean voice than before, and his scream voice sounds better than it ever did. But an interesting development is the voice of guitarist Jeff Tuttle, who not only screams along but also does the clean parts as a second voice, or even lead voice in some parts. Also drummer Billy Rymer seems to be a bit more in his element now, for even though it doesn’t have the loose groove his predecessors have but sounds more mechanical, this dude can bash the living hell out of his kit! All in all I have nothing but good and kind words for the Plan, because the Plan is still making modifications and is still evolving into a bigger and better Escape from the mainstream. Keep it up lads, and I will keep coming out!