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The Dillinger Escape Plan, Kylesa, Jacky Heretic - Fortarock Pre-Party!
On Friday the 10th of July, the official pre-party of Fortarock was held in the cozy Doornroosje. This small pre-party had already a very promising line-up, with the likes of Kylesa and The Dillinger Escape Plan. A great opening of the festival, although the amount of people that showed up wasn’t that high. The day after, The Dillinger Escape Plan had to play on the festival itself, which was probably the cause of the low turn up the night before.

Due to an amazing interview with Laura of Kylesa, I had to miss out on the Dutch opening band called Jacky Heretic. From what I heard it was a decent openings band, but I can’t tell you much about it.
After that it was time for the twin-drum fueled sludge-metal machine called Kylesa. They did what you should expect from this band. They played a passionate and energetic set. Unfortunately the sound-equipment of the Doornroosje is probably not suitable for filthy, loud sludge-metal, so the sound wasn’t that good. Also the fact that a lot of people were actually not familiar with this band, made this show going off with a slow start. They recently released a killer new album called Static Tensions, which absolutely destroys everything they did before. Luckily they played a lot of songs from this album. Songs like ‘Insomnia For Months’ and ‘Unknown Awareness’, just sounds ten times better when you have the double drum-attack, the twin vocal howls and grunts and the thick, crusty guitar-riffs played straight in front of you! Judging from the reactions and shouting coming out of the audience during the set, Kylesa collected a lot of new souls this night. It wasn’t the best set I’ve seen, due the lacking of sheer volume, but when this band rocks, they rock for real! The set ended with an amazing drum jam-session by the two drummers. Melvins eat your heart out! There’s another band in town who knows how to abuse two drum-kits at the same time! (RoyBalowski)

The Dillinger Escape Plan is always good for a killer live show, and tonight they proved this once again with ease. The band started their quite special set with a heavy yet slow intro, only to kick in with ‘Panasonic Youth’ followed by my personal favorite of the Calculating Infinity record ‘43% Burnt’ which set the mood for the rest of the show. The band is still insane as hell, jumping on and off of everything they can find on and off stage. Their new drummer Billy Rymer had some problems keeping up for the first couple of songs, but quickly caught up with the rest of the band. He did a good job, although you can really hear he doesn’t have the same feel in his play that Chris Pennie and Gil Sharone had. Besides the tracks you might expect from them, like ‘Lurch’, ‘Fix Your Face’, ‘Milk Lizard’, ‘Baby’s First Coffin’, ‘Sunshine The Werewolf’, ‘We Are The Storm’, 'When Good Dogs Do Bad Things’, ‘Horse Hunter’ and ‘Weekend Sex Change’, they came with two remarkable surprises. The first was their cover version of Aphex Twin’s ‘Come To Daddy’ which was so fucking awesome to finally see live, and the other was the closing track of their Ire Works record, the song ‘Mouth Of Ghosts’ which starts out with a jazzy piano interlude and erupts into a rock song. Both songs were not played the day after, which made me very happy to be here this evening. All in all again a very good show by one of the most technical and insane bands on the planet. One small minor, either vocalist Greg Puciato just doesn’t care or he’s just not that good live with his clean vocals, but there’s room for improvement in that area. For the rest, a damn fucking killer show! (DemonDust)