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The Dillinger Escape Plan, Poison The Well, Stolen Babies - Escaping from the poisened well of stolen babies
Well here it is then, the review of the first Dutch show The Dillinger Escape Plan performed in our little country. Better late then never right?
I’ve listened to Stolen Babies’ record There Be Squabbles Ahead numerous times and I’ve enjoyed it very much the first ten times or so. But lately the fun went out of it a bit, so I hoped that seeing them live could give me a little Stolen Babies-boost. Well, I hoped for too much, because the sound wasn’t very much to begin with. And with such Mr. Bungle-like music (well, the first Mr. Bungle record that is) it is hard to keep track of some elements in their music. The band looked like freaks, as their music does, but I think they could have overdone it just a little bit more. Go all the way with that stuff. For the rest it’s a refreshing band to listen to, but the songs really become old once you’ve played them often enough. Too bad, I hoped for more. (DemonDust)
The second support band of the night was Poison The Well, the band released their latest album Versions last year and they told it was their best version so far. This might be the case when it comes to the recorded version of Poison The Well, live the band experiences serious issues. After seeing various shows of this band I constantly noticed the same damn thing, bad sound, bad lights and most of all the songs are played differently compared to the album versions. Slow songs are fast, fast songs are slow and the vocalist can sing in one tone only. All in all the band sucks live. Each time they come I give them another chance, but once again they blew it! (Buzzin Hornet)
Too long had it been, too long had I been waiting for this moment. Finally The Dillinger Escape Plan embarked on a new European tour, to destroy every venue they visit. And so they did with this show. On the big stage of the Effenaar, the freaks were let loose to run a hundred miles on it, jump on and of amplifiers, into the crowd and into the PA. Utter mayhem, accompanied by such lovely tracks like opener ‘Panasonic Youth’, ‘Fix Your Face’, ‘43% Burnt’ and ‘Party Smasher’ but also with some more subtle songs like ‘Black Bubblegum’ and ‘Milk Lizard’. In their fifty minute set there was enough musical spectacle to impress even the keenest musicians in the crowd, a crowd that for the most part didn’t really seem to understand what was going on. Suckers! The sound was a bit messy though, which doesn’t help too much with these guys. Luckily the light show offered some compensation, I wouldn’t wanna be an epileptic at this show I tell you that. A very cool show, for a timid crowd. I couldn’t wait to see them the day after in Amsterdam… (DemonDust)