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Paramore, Makebelieve - Paramore in a new line-up back again since four years
The last time Paramore played in The Netherlands was four years ago and since then a lot has changed. Of course they have gained a lot of experience, but also Hayley has cut her long hair and now has a fresh short coupe and the band has lost two of its founding members. Paramore hasn't had an official drummer since the Farro brothers have left the band, but has some tour members to fill in their place. For this show the two original tour members (Jon Howard on keyboard/piano backing vocals/rhythm guitar and Justin York on guitar/backing vocals and also the older brother of the lead guitarist) and the new tour drummer Aaron Gillespie (a founding member and original drummer of Underoath) were taken to Amsterdam to show their stuff. The Dutch band MakeBelieve was booked to warm up the crowd.

There were clearly some fans of MakeBelieve in the venue today. Nevertheless many people just kept talking and didn't really pay attention to what was happening on stage. The band couldn't reach those people during their whole set either. This probably had something to do with their musical style, because they make a sort of soft-rock/pop-rock. Every song had a nice beat to it, but still sounded like a ballad or something. Therefore the people couldn't really head bang, jump around or anything else they can do to the music by Paramore. I'm not saying this isn't a good band or that the Heineken Music Hall is too big for them, because I do believe the band can really pull off a good show in such a venue. Nevertheless the band wasn't a good support for Paramore because of the lack of energy in their music and therefore was misplaced in this show.

After being a little bummed that the first band wasn't what many people had hoped to be, the fanboys and -girls screamed their lungs out when the curtain dropped and Paramore started their first song, called "Grow Up", which is a big finger to the brothers Farro. Followed by another song from their last self-titled album ("Fast In My Car"), it was time to go back to the golden days with the first song of Riot!, "That's What You Get". After these three songs the tone was set the for evening. The band played pretty well, Hayley showed she can let the crowd do whatever she wants to and the band played many songs from their latest record. A small side note, however, because three of the eleven songs they played from the last album were very intimate interludes with Hayley, Taylor and sometimes Jeremy. These interludes were something completely different from the rest of the set because of their energetic show with many sing-a-longs, but these songs still received loud applauses as well. 

It was clear that Hayley still doesn't like that the Farro brothers left the band, but she's moving on and she tries to put it behind her. Their quality might have dropped a little since that departure, but the band still knows how to perform very well. With songs like "Decode", "Ignorance", "When It Rains" and of course their hit single "Brick By Boring Brick" the band played many old skool classics. The band was here to promote their new record and did exactly that, but as stated before they played older songs too and tried to satisfy everybody. They have added a little extra to "Misery Business" as the final song of each show in this tour: ask a fan in the front row to get on stage, and sing in the second main microphone. In Amsterdam we got Djorgie Tombal. Not the best singer ever, but what a performer! Being flabbergasted by being on stage and singing with Paramore? Oh hell no! Just use all the energy you have, headbang with Taylor and Jeremy and use the whole stage! Everybody left the stage after this amazing song, but the band came back to play two more songs and the last of the three intimate interludes. Only one song was left after "Part II" and the final interlude, which was their last hit single "Still Into You". Orange confetti was then shot through the venue, which was definitely the cherry on top of a lovely evening.