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Beastmilk - Less than an hour to impress they live up towards the Post Punk hype
Beastmilk released a demo in 2010, an EP in 2012 and late last year their debut album Climax. An atom bomb exploded and the nuclear Post Punk was loved by many boys and girls, metal and not metal. Fast forward to 2014; the four Finnish guys played the Roadburn mainstage, were too nervous for the big crowd and their show with Doomriders in Cologne was OK but nothing special. Tonight in the Melkweg they are the only band on stage for a pretty packed ‘Oude Zaal’. Expectations are high this time…

Directly from the start the band is playing super relaxed, the drummer is rocking like a maniac behind the kit and the guys not sitting are moving around if they played the songs already a thousand times. The voice of singer Kvohst is sounding natural and close to the recordings. Especially ‘Surf the Apocalypse’, ‘Nuclear Winter’ and ‘You Are Now under Our Control’ are great tunes to hear and dance on. Beastmilk is the next big thing for girls in apocalyptic rock and metal it seems; lots of girls are yelling and dancing upfront.

They are making the right choice because with the apocalyptic Post Punk/New Wave band you have the perfect start for the Friday night. Only during ‘Red Majesty’ there is a hick up; the drums rolls are not tight with the guitars causing Kvohst struggling with his vocal lines. After fifty minutes the show is over; the band has no more songs. After a lot of yelling the band is coming back to surf the apocalypse another time. They choose to play ‘Death Reflects Us’ and Genocidal Crush’ one more time. The children of the atom bomb in the crowd have an awesome time again and Beastmilk finally showed they also can bring their dark tunes in a convincing way live on stage.