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The Dillinger Escape Plan - Poison the Well, Burst
When I heard The Dillinger Escape Plan was coming to the Netherlands again I was excited as hell. The first and last time I saw them was on the Lowlands Festival this year and they blew me away. After arranging an interview with the band which will be online soon I started to arrange an interview with Poison The Well. The supporting band of the night. There were multiple labels but none of them were able to arrange any promotional interview, it is their free promotion so you won’t get that interview online here (for the time being).
The first band of the night was Sweden’s Burst. It was a last minute arrangement and we did an interview with these guys as well. The music they play is like The Dillinger Escape Plan, although slower. Chaotic but in a way it is structured and great to listen to. The show they played was great to watch and the light at this show was amazing. A few days before the show I received their latest album and I had to get used to the sound they produce, but the combination with the live performance made Burst a great supporting band.
The second band of the evening was Poison The Well. I love this band on their albums and I was expecting a lot of their live show. People were telling me that this band was awesome live. But this night I realized that a band is not always as good as they say. When the band started playing the sound was horrible and the lights were even worse. Luckily enough the sound improved during their 30 minutes set but the light still was a huge issue to me. I couldn’t see the band and every now and then a light flashed upon the stage. But at the end the quality of the sound was good enough to enjoy the show and I could clearly see that this band has got loads more to offer. Too bad they didn’t do it this time.
And after a short set change and sound check by the members of The Dillinger Escape Plan the real energy hit the audience. ‘Panasonic Youth’ was the first song and immediately it blew me away. This band gives the people what they deserve, loads of energy and power. This band just keeps going and lead guitarist Ben keeps running, jumping, falling and crashing into everything that is in his way during the entire set. Even a girl in the audience caught Ben in her arms and the only thing she kept after the short visit was the cable that was attached to Ben’s guitar. One minor of this band is the interaction with the audience, there is almost no interaction but the show is that intensive you don’t realize this. Another great thing about this show was the variety of songs they played, slower songs and full speed songs were played in their one hour set.
For me this was one one the best concerts this year. The Dillinger Escape Plan proved themselves to me once again. Besides their album of the year (for me) they now have got a top 3 concert position in my charts!
I am looking forward to see this band again and if you get the chance, you better be there!