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The Dillinger Escape Plan - Metalrage is hitting Great Britain

I got to know The Dillinger Escape Plan by an old school mate. And now I did him a favor and invited him to make a live review for his favorite band. Right now he is finishing up his study in GB and he visited the show near his village.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't see the appeal of going shopping for gifts on a SUNDAY, 4 (or 7, when the craze actually started) weeks prior to said gifts being.. well.. given.
But it seems not many people share this vision, as the streets were filled with legions of christmas shoppers, flocking to stores like there's no tomorrow.
Which, in turn, caused my "casually late" arrival to transform into "hopelessly late".

Anyhow, back to the subject, at a sold-out (and packed!) Fibbers were to
appear: Ephel Duath (whom I've never heard of, and unfortunately didn't see tonight either.), Poison the Well (which I know but only managed to catch 1 song of) and the band many people (myself included) came to see; The Dillinger Escape Plan.

I've seen them 6 or 7 times now and they've yet to disappoint me. The shows are still as energetic as they were half a decade ago. Each and every time I am amazed at how few (read: none) casualties there are due to wild guitar-swinging, random object-climbing and other crazy antics.

They played a very varied 60-minute set, playing an equal amount of songs from the "Under the Running Board" EP up till the last release "Miss Machine" and as tight as always.
The atmosphere was great and the crowd was really into it. The old cliche "play faster!" comment aside, you could tell the band enjoyed themselves as well.
For some reason they didn't do any of the awesome transitions they used to do on previous tours like, for example going seemlessly from "Sugar Coated Sour" into "Jim Fear". Oh well, maybe I'm just spoiled.

All in all it was an excellent show and I can't wait to see them again!
Live View by: Joost Peters