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Slipknot - A special occasion at Paradiso
Okay, for some reason this review never made it online because I didn’t want to review Shadows Fall, who were opening that evening. But due to some miscommunication, no one made the review for SF. So I’m doing it anyway, prepare!!!
I already became agitated when I first read that these guys had the privilege of opening the show. My intentions were to just sit it out in the lobby, but when the music started I found myself on the upper balcony, relaxing with a beer. I must say, the show itself had no minors, they played very well and enthusiastic, but the only thing I really like about the band is the vocalists haircut, dreadlocks to the floor man! But I mean the music is sooooooooo boring to me, the heavy parts aren’t heavy enough, especially the slow beat down riffs, and the melodic parts don’t do anything with me at all. Just boring boring boring. And this band supposedly started the new wave of American heavy metal. I’ll just say I’d preferred Chimaira and leave it at that before I get angry fanmail.

(original intro to this review)
I was extremely anxious to witness this Slipknot concert, because not only is this an extremely small venue (compared to the other shows they’re doing on this and previous tours), it’s also the most beautiful venue I’ve been to. So there we were, four Metalragers surrounded by an army of maggots, ready to rumble. Just give us that pulse!!!

Lights out, intro playing, faces towards the stage, people screaming their asses off and then, blast off!! How I love those moments. “The Blister Exists” got the crowd wide awake and moving, just like the eight people on stage. Eight people? Huh? Yes, I was again, like with the Unholy Alliance tour, watching Slipknot as a eight piece. But this time it was the Clown who was missing, due to his wife’s illness I believe. But his absence didn’t hold them or the crowd back one bit ‘cause it was crazy out there!!! “(Sic)”was the second song they played and by then I had already found my way into the moshpit screaming and looking really angry.

They did ease it up a bit after that by playing tracks like “Vermillion” and “Before I Forget”, but “Duality” picked the pass up again. That song was, like last time, dedicated to the missing band member. We had to sing it so loud that he could hear it… right. But after those songs the brutality that is Slipknot really came out. Fucking killer tracks that I had never seen live before like “Everything Ends” and “Get This” were enough to get me moving around like a maniac!! Of course they also played their usual obligated songs, like “Wait and Bleed”, “People=Shit”, “The Heretic Anthem” and “Spit It Out” (yes we all had to get down on the floor and yes it was like a truck fully loaded with pigs had crashed into a crowded mall). They ended the show like every show, with our new international fucking anthem “Surfacing”.

About the performance I could say that it was very very energetic and enthusiast, like it always is. The sound wasn’t that great all the time, but in average it was fine. Corey was singing very well, especially his screams were very good. The rest of the band was playing tight as a motherfucker.

I’m sorry I can’t say more about that, but this was just one of those Slipknot shows where I just couldn’t stand and watch every tiny detail. This was so special, cause this stage was about the same size as where I had first seen them, there just was no holding back. Awesome crazy night!!