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Silverstein - Emo on an autumn Thursday
Thursday October 13th, Buzzin Hornet called me if I wanted to go to an emo show that night. Since Thursday is a good day for emo and it was the start of my autumn break I decided to go for it. Awaiting Seasons, Spitalfield and Silverstein in 013’s `Kleine Zaal`.
Awaiting Seasons
The presence of Awaiting Seasons actually came as a pleasant surprise to me, I was in the supposition that only Silverstein and Spitalfield would perform. Three years ago I saw the former band of singer Joost, Every Six Seconds, at a festival. Back then I was impressed by the talent of these guys, both with their technical as their song writing skills. Over the last years I visited the Awaiting Seasons website a couple of times so I kind of knew what to expect now.
The band played a good set with easily enjoyable and well-balanced music. They convinced me enough to buy their mini-EP `Poems On Postcards Never Sent`.  A little taste of that is available at their website; so I suggest you check that out and judge for yourself. An excellent opening band for the night.
Next up was Spitalfield. I reviewed their album some months ago and wasn’t really impressed by the effort. Their live show didn’t really change my view. It’s just so much alike and the songs bored me instantly. The only enjoyable thing was the dry sense of humour of the singer. Half way the show the merch guy got invited on stage. He was obviously somewhere in his twenties: “Give it up for our merch guy… He turned fourteen today!”; then the singer called for the Dutch audience to sing him a birthday song. A humble chanting from the back of the venue, that soon died out. “.. Wow! This is the best birthday he has ever had!”.
The crowd reacted moderately enthusiastic, Spitalfield didn’t really get things moving. I don’t think that this band will ever be remembered as a stand-out band from the genre.
Last band for the night was headliner Silverstein. Silverstein was the only band to get the crowd moving and therefore deserved to be headliner. Their songs harbour some surprises and that way they succeed in keeping my attention. Also, on the technical level, the band is very capable. For example the vocal harmonies are excellent!
All in all it was a great way to start the autumn break. I had fun, saw some good friends and the music was okay. Not extremely interesting, but okay.
Details Written on Wednesday Oct 19th, 2005
Writer @Shaydee

Tags: #Silverstein
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