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Silverstein - Arrivals&Departures
Over the past couple of years Canada’s Silverstein has made quite a reputation. They sold over half a million records in the US alone and by now pretty much every emo/screamo/post-hardcore fan should know this band. After having enjoyed their previous album, Discovering The Waterfront, for almost two years now, I’m glad to finally have their follow-up in my hands. Here’s Arrivals & Departures.
Hell yeah! They’re still alive and kicking. What a passion, what an energy and what a power! Although not entirely necessary to recommend certain songs I will still do so. Just for those who weren’t convinced of the quality of this band yet, check out ‘If You Could See Into My Soul’ and (especially) ‘My Disaster’. It’s Silverstein at its top if I may say so. And me, as a non-emo fan, saying that, definitely means something. What also helps is the screamo that’s mixed through the music. This results in aggressive vocals versus sweet melodies; an excellent combination!
Actually that’s Silverstein in short terms: aggressive versus melody. It’s not only the vocals that resemble that. Just the songs as a whole are just very well composed and balanced. Although it sometimes only sounds like something (quite) heavy, you still experience the emotion that’s been put in the music. Emotion that’s created by catchy and beautiful melodies.
Still it’s kinda hard for me to say whether this albums tops Discovering The Waterfront but it certainly isn’t worse. I’d say both albums are quite alike when it comes to the identity of the songs. You get to hear average Silverstein tracks, followed by more powerful songs and the next time you hear an almost ballad-like song. It’s just all there and I cannot do anything else but recommend every emo fan to listen to this album.
I’m still very excited to see this band live some time ‘cause if they can bring the same power on stage as they do on the album it’s gotta be quite a show. Silverstein fans buy this!
Silverstein - Arrivals&Departures
76/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Jul 3rd, 2007

Writer @Boek on Thursday Aug 2nd, 2007

Tags: #Silverstein
Tracklisting 01. Sound Of The Sun
02. Bodies And Words
03. If You Could See Into My Soul
04. Worlds Apart
05. My Disaster
06. Still Dreaming
07. The Sand Will Turn To Glass
08. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
09. Vanity And Greed
10. Love With Caution
11. True Romance
Line up Shane Told – Vocals
Josh Bradford – Guitar
Bill Hamilton – Bass
Paul Koehler – Drums
Neil Bosshart – Guitar
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