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Second night of Chimaira, Dark Tranquillity and Hatesphere. To be honest I still have to laugh when I see the ‘DRINK BEER WITH HATESPHERE’ belt and I am still in a good mood for a concert; even though it is my 6th in a row and 7th in a week! This night felt better, more people entered the room and I was worried because the concert already started at 18.00! When Hatesphere entered the stage I ran down to get a spot near the stage.

As 3 times before this show blew me away, with a better response of the crowd in Utrecht I truly adored their set and it seemed like the band did also! Their album wasn’t rated that well at but after a long discussion with the band the day before we decided that they were too good on stage and when you see them before you hear the album it can only disappoint you.

A lot of songs of their latest album The Sickness Within (Danish Metal Awards: Best Metal Album of the Year) were played but they also played some older material on the stage. And the crowd reacted very well to their music. The night before the audience was there for Chimaira but it was obvious there were some people for Hatesphere tonight!

Second band of the night was again Dark Tranquillity, the band called themselves the co-headliner but that is not true. As a matter of fact these guys don’t even deserve to be the second band this evening. They haven’t got anything which is positive when I look at them (except that they know how to play their instrument!); their music is boring, the show isn’t attractive and the presentation is boring. Before the show somebody told me it was categorized in the same genre as In Flames but if that is a fact these guys have to learn a lot! For a live show you can give me Hatesphere anytime but I am not going to watch Dark Tranquillity once more in the next year!

Last band of the night was the true headliner of the night. Chimaira entered the stage after a intro which was too long. I noticed this the night before but damn, please change this. Lucky enough the sound was still as great as before and I have to say these two shows were the best I have seen until now! You could hear lead vocalist Mark Hunter for a change and actually his voice was amazing.

With songs like Lazarus, Powertrip, Pure Hatred, Nothing Remains, Salvation, Cleansation and Severed the band gave away an awesome set with a crazy audience and a huge pit. When the band started the Pantera song Walk a lot of the people were shouting along and the band clearly seemed to enjoy their night on the stage. The roadie was kicked into the audience, the vocalists changed words for ‘Steve’ which is an inside joke and when Mark jumped onto the crowd and his wrist band was stolen he did the funniest thing I have ever seen. After the show he ‘promised’ the guy who gave him back his wristband could enter the ‘backstage’ area.. you know.. back---stage. He was saying it full of irony but some idiot gave him back his wristband; Mark instantly gave him the middle finger and shouted: FUCK YOU FOR STEALING!