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Chimaira, Maroon, The Sorrow, Dead Shape Figure - European tour kick-off
After they cancelled their European dates back in October 2007 because they wanted to work out their creative ideas at that time, Chimaira are now finally back on the road for a headlining tour. The supporting slots bring us three bands from our own continent, namely Maroon, The Sorrow and Dead Shape Figure, who were up first.

It doesn't happen often that the first support band leaves a good impression. Fortunately for these Finnish lads, Dead Shape Figure managed to get me smiling throughout their (short) set. Their brand of up tempo bay area thrash metal with almost 'American' (think Lamb of God) influences pleased my ears, especially their badass drummer who had some nice skills to show (blastbeats and tight fills galore). The little crowd that was present seemed to enjoy the show, and they convinced me to go check out their debut album which will be out in May. (Carn)

After a successful trek with Devildriver during last year’s fall, Austria’s The Sorrow is now part of yet another extensive tour through Europe as supporting act of Chimaira. The show didn’t went any different than like the last time; although they’re a very young band with only one album released they play very convincing. Musically wise it’s a known story; typical metalcore in vain of Killswitch Engage and Bullet For My Valentine with nice heavy outbursts on the one hand but also the oh-so annoying sing along vocal parts on the other hand. Nevertheless did their performance enjoy some kids in the front rows as well as some behind them who created a moshing area. Anyone (still) into metalcore will surely enjoy this band. (Mindsaver)

Maroon hails from Germany and can be described as a metalcore band. Luckily they don't use that much clean vocals in their music and on their albums the band manages to create an impressive sound. Live on the other hand the band is quite the party band. During the entire show vocalist Andre is trying to get the crowd to move, wave and worship the devil. But on the same time the band creates a nice flow which gets the crowd moving. The band plays various songs from their latest effort 'The Cold Heart Of The Sun' and since it has been released from quite some time several people in the audience shout along. Maroon is one of those bands who know how to entertain a crowd and create their own sound. The band is always guaranteed for a party. (BuzzinHornet)

This night was the fourth time I saw Chimaira perform. The first time I saw them back in 2005 I was blown away by their stage performance, their energy and their songs. The two times after that they played decent shows, but it didn’t come close to my first live experience with them. Tonight I really hoped they could entertain me at least more than the last two times. With opening song ‘Pure Hatred’ all the possibilities for a great show were still there, but when I heard the intro of ‘The Flame’ I couldn’t help I was a bit disappointed. The band claims their last record Resurrection is better than their self-titled one, but in my opinion that’s not true. A song like ‘Worthless’ just doesn’t come close to killer tracks like ‘Severed’, ‘Cleansation’ or ‘Power Trip’. Not only if you look at their studio work, but also their live reputation is crumbling down. During the whole show I missed the energy and the power they still had 3 years ago. For the young ones among us - who had never seen Chimaira before - it probably was a great night, but I know they can do so much better... (Gilles)