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Cathedral - Doom To The Max
It was time for another gig this week. My schedule for gigs this month has become quite large and so has the schedule of my colleague Luuk (DemonDust) This evening would bring me a band I have wanted to see for a long time. Finally it was going to happen, including an interview with Cathedral. Grand Magus and Electric Wizard were to open up for this magnificent band, and we were full of expectation about Electric Wizard, which was the reason Luuk went to Eindhoven.
Grand Magus:
I was only able to catch a few songs from this really cool band. This was because our interview with Lee Dorrian of Cathedral was taking a little bit more time than we expected. The sound was quite alright and this was also the first time I’ve been to the new Effenaar. I don’t remember any titles. The only thing I remembered was that those songs were from their self-titled record. The show was done far too early, but nothing to do against that I guess. Yeah, good shit! (M-C)
Electric Wizard:
I was extremely looking forward to this show, since every time I saw them they were getting better. And I was hoping that they would continue on that path. As soon as they started we lit a joint and starting enjoying. But that only lasted for a short while, because Liz’s amp wasn’t working. So the first song was played with just one guitar. That didn’t make it less interesting for me, but you could sense that something was missing. After this song there were a lot of people running around on stage trying to discover what was wrong, and some time later her amp was replaced with a different one. We were ready to go again.
So we lit another joint and were treated to “We Live” which suited the situation exactly. From that moment on the sound was extraordinary loud. It was as if I was in the middle of a dinosaur stampede. They played two more songs after that which I enjoyed extremely, but after those two songs the show was over. That sucked big time but I was comforting myself with the thought that I was going to see them again in Utrecht. (D)
Yeah, finally they were going to start their show. Again, the sound was very decent and the bass was thrown loudly through the mix, which I really like. So we had a show with 4 different very good musicians, and to watch everyone perform together was something wicked! Impossible effects on the bass gave the show a very spacey atmosphere and really affected the audience. I was thrilled when Lee announced Autumn Twilight from the Soul Sacrifice EP, which is one of my favourite tracks. After 1 hour of playing, Cathedral left the stage only to come back for 2 more tracks. The final song of the evening was Witchfinder and what a great show it was!