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Cathedral - Legends at work
Metalrage likes to face the extremes of metal a lot. As tastes vary to various outer underground genres not quite know to your local Free Record Shop salesman, some of us have gathered an unknown interest for the occult, the mysterious, the incomprehensible and most of all, the very heaviest. This night is one placed in the last mentioned category and if you missed this tour you probably hate yourself by now.
Some metal dudes look like supervillains (Slipknot). Some have a faint resemblance with a drunken pirate (Phil Anselmo) and some are mad scientists (Devin Townsend). But in Grand Magus’ case, we’re talking about a shiny scalp with a double-sided moustache. And that’s too good to compare to any archetype. But enough about the latest in metal fashion, cause what’s more important, Grand Magus combine the bombast of heavy metal with the sheer beauty of doom. Do your math and you will find fantastic sound in great and even catchy metal songs. Wolf’s Return was one of my favourite albums of last year, and today ‘the Magus’ proved to be as cool as they are on compact disc. Highlight of the show: “Kiiiiiing Slayeeeeer”! (Napalm Lex)
The first time I came in this venue I witnessed my first (and still the best) Sunn 0))) show. That had made a lifetime lasting impact one me, so I hoped that Electric Wizard would sound in that area as well. And fucking hell they did. This was definitely the best show I had seen of them ever. I can’t name all the songs they played but I recognised all of them. A couple of them were “We Live”, Another Perfect Day”, and “Dopethrone”. I was literally melting of happiness in front of the stage. With a couple of beers and some joints I dazed of into interstellar space adventures while hearing and seeing the soundtrack to that mental movie right in front of me.
The show was played tight, and perhaps even slower than some songs were supposed to be. Pure brilliance I call it. I was focusing on Justin Greaves behind the drum kit from time to time, it makes your jaw drop to see with what extreme power this guy beats up his equipment. A true monster that keeps the music tight as hell. The bass player is probably the most lazy player I’ve ever seen but that suits him just well. And to see Jus’ face when he plays the spacey effect solo’s will make you draw the conclusion that he’s just as wasted as I was. But still managing to play tight though.
If the year hadn’t just started I would have chosen this as my show of the year already. The Wizard lives on. Divinity through true doom! (DemonDust)
As Cathedral got on stage two things entered my mind: “uno: this shit is fast for a night ‘o’ doom and fun”. And “zwei: pronouncing this band’s name in a Dutch rural dialect, one would say something that sounds like the Dutch word for “cat’s turd”. I think that the person who invented the cat should be spanked with Satan’s penis. Cause if there is one thing that Cathedral doesn’t sound like, it has to be kitty poo! They sound like a fantastic doom formation that rightfully carry the title of “legendary doom band”. And, coincidental, that’s exactly what they are! How convenient. And let’s not forget the fact that Kattedrol are fronted by Lee Dorian! And the fact this is the third review of the same package! Life can be sweet. (Napalm Lex)