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36 Crazyfists, Poison The Well, Gwen Stacy - Live at Tivoli de Helling
For the first time 36 Crazyfists sold out the Tivoli de Helling venue in Utrecht (NL). The Alaska/Portland based group has played this venue various times before and once again they managed to get the crowd moving. was present with a big group to see them live once again.

Gwen Stacy

Most openers have to play in front of nearly empty halls, but sometimes they have luck. Gwen Stacy from Indianapolis commenced this metalcore evening in a sold out Tivoli that was almost filled by the time they started their set. With over a million plays on MySpace they weren’t unknown either, at least it seemed that there were some fans among the crowd that sang along. And although their music wasn’t refreshing in any way (we got to hear typical melodic metalcore with a bunch of breakdowns, completed with both screams and clean vocals) they didn’t give away an unpleasant show. A decent and fat sound plus an energetic performance must have gained them some new fans. (Mindsaver)

Poison The Well

Poison The Well is one of those bands that impress you with their albums. Their music has evolved from metalcore into a more technical and experimental sound. But the downside is that the band disappoints you every time you see them on stage. When their tour with 36 Crazyfists was announced they once again had another shot in impressing the Dutch audience. But once again the band proved that the main problem during a live show is the fact singer Jeffrey isn't a great front man. Next to the fact he cannot reach all levels he should, he doesn't know what he is doing on stage. During the entire set he is constantly walking around looking for his spot and he looks like he doesn't want to be there. Besides that downside the band is actually very good. Their songs are well structured and they contain a lot of energy and emotion. And even though their songs are played way too fast, they do impress the present audience. This results in a pretty active crowd in front of the stage. But the bigger part of the audience wasn't bothered. (Buzzin Hornet)

36 Crazyfists

On March the 14th 36 Crazyfists played a sold out show in The Helling. The crowd was pumped up after good shows from both Gwen Stacy and Poison The Well, and it seemed to rub off on the band: I wouldn't be far off if they played basically every track at 1.5 times their original tempo, which resulted into an energetic performance, but also guitarist Steve Holt having a hard job keeping up. Maybe the next record will have a lot of up-tempo thrash metal riffs? Who knows, the guys might be over their 30s but the speed is there! This show is also the first time we got to see the band's new bassplayer Buzzard, who joined the band after Mick Whitney left. Fans, don't worry: Buzzard has a high 'Mick'-factor! The band played a mix of their last 3 records, kicking off with 'I`ll Go Until My Heart Stops', 'At The End Of August' and 'latest' single 'We Gave It Hell'. Sing-along classic 'Destroy The Map' needed a volunteer from the crowd, who did a decent job..I've seen worse!

Frontman Brock Lindow was having a good time on stage and made sure that the crowd pulled of a big 'Wall of Death' pit-moment during 'Installing The Catheter'. The band finished with 'The All Night Lights', one of the fastest tracks the band has written so far. The Alaskan quartet came back for an encore with the now 'classic' 'Slit Wrist Theory' from their Bitterness The Star record. Somehow I hoped to hear a few more songs from that album, but since they are almost 10 years old I can somehow understand the band's decision not to play that 'ancient stuff'. According to Lindow the band will be back this summer for some festival shows and their next release will be the first ever 36 Crazyfists DVD, featuring a show recorded in Anchorage (Alaska) and a lot of 'vintage material'. 2009 is already a good year for these guys!