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Pitch Blond - The rise of the fuzzed distorted noiserockers
Now the person who usually does our PA when doing shows has been active in the music scene for years now. He recently started a new project which already got them played on the Dutch radio station 3FM and they’ve mananged to do quite some shows already. This time they would make their debut in his and mine hometown and of course I was there.
The first band up had already done some impressing things, but I had never heard of them either. Templo Diez make very melancholic and dark music executed by a guitarist/vocalist, bassist, drummer and violin was what our ears got fed, and it sounded quite nice. If you were in the mood for it, I must add. The atmosphere was very relaxed, yet depressing. I didn’t feel like getting depressed before the band that I wanted to see had to play, so I didn’t watch too many tracks of these guys and girl.
I once visited a rehearsal of these guys and girl, and I was more than impressed. This threesome dubbed Pitch Blond consisting of a drummer, bassist/vocalist and female guitarist/vocalist creates music that lies somewhere between noiserock and postcore. Not the easiest music to digest, but very overwhelming to the trained ear. Their massive but mildly distorted sound was unfortunately a bit too soft this evening, so I decided to stand directly in front of the stage. Here I could hear everything perfectly. Vincent’s home-made bass-fuzz pedal was crunching it’s way though the speakers, perfectly supporting the raw rock guitar-distortion coming from the other side. The drums (although played without sufficient power in my eyes) did just that what the riffs needed to sound catchy, so musically everything was in perfect order.

Now vocally you had male vocals that are pretty high, but on a good level. Not completely my thing, but suiting the music very good. The female vocals on the other hand are something I very much appreciate. I don’t exactly know how it got to be that way, because I usually hate female vocals in average. But this girl seem to combine the good sides (that I can appreciate) of both Alanis Morisette and our Dutch Anouk, although Skin is a name that rightfully jumps into ones mind as well. The best thing about her is that her face actually speaks the words she is saying and I love to see that in a band.
This performance confirmed my presumptions and I will support this band as much as I can.
To be honest there was a different headliner this evening, namely We vs. Death, but at this time I had to take over the bar duties in the café so I witnessed like one song or so. I think it was completely instrumental, mildly indie-rock like music with no vocals and a trumpet. I think. Whatever.