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Zest, Pitch Blond - Two cd-presentations in one evening
When my friends in Pitch Blond informed me they had a demo-presentation coming up, I decided to go there. I have seen them a couple of times now and they always manage to amaze me. The other band, Zest,  for this evening also had a demo to present, so this was a nice show to discover some new Dutch talent!
Now Pitch Blond is a threesome that makes rock that can vary from very sensitive and gentile passages to noisy eruptions with a head on distortion attack. Dynamically there has been put a lot of thought in the songs, because all the transitions sound very natural and basically nothing sounds forced. This evening they had quite a suppressed sound, because this band’s ability to rock wasn’t given enough volume. The bass guitar was hard to find on some occasions, so that was a bit of a pity. Nevertheless the threesome stood like a rock and showed their skills very enthusiastically. Guitarist/vocalist Suzanne has a voice that fits the music perfectly, she can be calm and gentile in many different ways, while she can also throw out a scream that raises the hair in the back of my neck. People that are into slightly experimental (noise)rock should give this band a try.
After this performance the guys from Zest got to do their thing, but they were completely unable to catch my attention. The vocalist/guitarist (who produced both albums presented here today) didn’t have a great singing voice and the songs never really grabbed me. It could be that they’ve put so much thought into it that one must hear the songs a couple of times, but at the first glance I could not appreciate it. In the end they played a cover of A Perfect Circle together with the people of Pitch Blond, which was fun to see, that bunch of friends on stage. I guess if I knew the songs before the show I might have enjoyed it a bit more. Too bad.