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Agresión, Deliberate Jeopardization, Infuriate - A Metal Sunday
One of the first and best nu-metal orientated bands Holland has to offer, Agresión, is going to quit. They’re doing they’re last few shows as I write this, and I was lucky to be present at one of those. I had seen them only once at Ozzfest in 2002, during Mushroomhead and Slayer so I had to watch all three, I never really got the chance to see a full show. How ironic that this one is one of their last then…
Infuriate opened this evening, but unfortunately I missed half the show. They play brutal grooving thrash and death metal, but the sound was a bit lost in the mix. It was hard to really follow what was going on. I had the feeling that the band also noticed this, because most of them weren’t really active, but more concentrating on keeping it tight. The only person really coming forward this show was vocalist Remco, who was like a thundering steam train, runnig back and forward while screaming and grunting his lungs out. His infamous vain on his red skull was pounding like mad in a sweat-based Niagara Falls, what more can you wish for? Just too bad the sound wasn’t good at all. Expect a review for their demo up here soon.
Up next was the band that should get a reward for the least catchy name in the music industry; Deliberate Jeopardization. They played nu-metal which was not refreshing at all, the songs were all quite boring and unbalanced. The only thing I can be positive about is the vocalists roar, very powerful and convincing. His emo voice on the other hand, was again that standard shit that all those vocalists do. He did manage to keep the tones right though. Well, I didn’t watch too much of this band anyway, but there’s a lot of work to be done by them.
I only own Agresión’s first album; Sur, and I always loved that one. What came after that never really attracted my attention and I lost track of them a bit. They did have quite a good sound, very powerful and overwhelming. Songs from all albums were played, and the main vocalist emphasized the band’s message and the fact that they are going to quit after 12 years together, but they would all continue in other projects. I still didn’t really get into their newer stuff, but you could really see that a band of high quality was playing, and that Holland has truly lost another great band. The old tracks on the other hand really pleased me, I regret not going to one of their early shows after the first album. But I hope to hear something of their new projects soon. For now, try to catch them if you can, it’s your last chance.
Details Written on Tuesday Nov 7th, 2006
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Agresión #Deliberate Jeopardization #Infuriate
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