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Fear My Thoughts - Isolation
With Isolation, the German metallers of Fear My Thoughts release their sixth album within seven years. Worth a compliment already. Especially when you take the other albums into consideration, which were widely appreciated. With this new album, the band shows itself from a bit of a different side, mainly caused by the addition of new vocalist Martin Fischer, who composed all the organ/piano parts himself.

During the album you will come to find vocalist Martin has quite something up his sleeve. There’s plenty of room for diverse approaches when it comes to the vocal lines. Still, he mainly uses a kind of hard rock / heavy metal voice. A clear voice that’s full of melody and passion. And most of all, he brings it very convincingly! Another thing that must be said; it fits the songs perfectly.

While the first real song of the album starts mid-tempo, the third track of the album, ‘The Hunted’, releases the real energy on this album. It’s a bit more up-tempo and really has a great metal feel to it. But when you think you’ve got it all figured out after a couple of songs, you’ll soon find Fear My Thoughts to prove you wrong. There’s enough to keep the listeners attention. So where the band was formerly known as a melodic death metal band, one may now conclude the band has grown more diverse and is willing to try some small experiments.

Experiments you think?! Am I gonna like that?! Well, don’t be afraid. It’s nothing world shocking. It’s just that the band doesn’t stick to its melodic death metal continuously. And it also seems they have taken the time to work out some more details on the album, such as this nice bass line in ‘Bound And Weakened’. When taking a closer listen, these are the things that make or break a band. You’ll probably understand what I mean!

Fans of the band shouldn’t hesitate ‘cause Fear My Thoughts did it again. They created a more than decent album with some fine music on it. When listening the album you’ll immediately recognize the songs but the only thing that bothers me a bit is that the songs won’t get stuck in my head yet in the end I can say the album won’t end up in my yearlist but it’s certainly worth the try! Tip: ‘Pitch Black’, great up-tempo song! Enjoy!
Fear My Thoughts - Isolation
76/1001Details Century Media Records
Released on Friday Jul 18th, 2008
Melodic Death Metal

Writer @Boek on Thursday Aug 7th, 2008

Tags: #Fear My Thoughts
Tracklisting 01. Isolation
02. The Blind Walk Over The Edge
03. The Hunted
04. Numbered By The Beast
05. Bound And Weakened
06. Through The Eyes Of God
07. Death Chamber
08. Pitch Black
09. Creeping Lord
10. Burning The Lamb / The Sacrifice
Line up Martin Fischer – Vocals, Organ/Piano
Markus Ruf – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Patrick Hagmann – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Bartosz Wojciechowski – Bass
Norman Lonhard – Drums