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Danko Jones - Friends Only Gig
[b][i]Danko Jones - Friends Only Gig Tivoli - Utrecht 29/10/03[/b][/i] [b]Another great encounter with one of my personal favorite on-stage bands of the moment, Danko Jones that is, took place in the dutch city of Utrecht, with a shockingly boring support act one would like to forget instantly, and a gig by Danko himself that was filled with non-but instant thumping sweating rock n roll. [/b] As mentioned, the support for this evening was terribly boring. A band named [b]Tacker[/b], lead by Eric Corton (you might know this name, Dutch readers) and a retard (by apearance) on guitar that some might know as the former guitarist for Dutch "rock" diva Anouk. I can only guess why Suburban put this shit on stage to support Danko Jones, and well, let me guess correctly, it's a new Suburban signing. Yet, it sucked major butthole. Boring poppy rock songs we all heard before (and therefor will be doing great on Pinkpop 2004 in the slot before Live and Kane), filled-up with a sparesome interesting step aside in the means of Stoner blurryness and some thumping riffage. But not long enough to be enjoyed (and brutaly shook awake by the anoying vocals) or way TOO long to be interesting. Strange combinations combined with stupid chorus lines that make no sence, a band to be ignored and forgotten. On to [b]Danko Jones[/b], their first club show in Holland since august 2002 (if I am not mistaken). To be quite honest with you all, the band once again forfilled all of their fans wishes. Everything to be asked for had a place in the setlist. Opening with the second track off' Danko's new album 'We Sweat Blood', 'Dance', the band cut to the chase and poored the first centilitres of sweat into the audience. The first thing that came to mind when hearing this song live, is that the expectations of a greater on-stage value of the We Sweat Blood material were about to be realised. The amazing power combined with a feelgood undertone and Mr. Jones' not to be mistaken talent for waking up an audience promised a great rocking evening. Next came the thought that the new stuff, with the rawer power in it, blended in with the older material llllllike a glllove. The true Danko fanatic is familiar with their traditional combined track Samuel Sin/Sexchange Shake, and the first fans got their moshing started, a true party in front of the stage broke loose. Why wait with the thunder if you got them bolts of lightning in the tip of your fingers? That means: the band fired us some of the best material in the beginning of the set, so obviously it was time for Play The Blues (get yourself a woman), the superb We Sweat Blood track Forget My Name, to be mounted with even more great stuff like Sound Of Love. You'd almost think the band would have run out of power, and then they come back even harder with the crowd slammer Lovercall, allways a great hit whereever they go. Did I mention that they played Soul On Ice? Hotdamn! Airguitaring galore! Untill now, I have witnessed the band perform for four times, but never before I have seen them come back for an encore. Well with 12 new songs on the shelf that all share equal live potential it's hard to stay away. So the band came back on stage, and surprised me, literally made my mouth fall wide open, proving me all wrong. They played on of the -in my opinion- weaker tracks off' We Sweat Blood, titled The Cross. And it rocked the fuck out of me. It just goes to show that this band has an enormous live potential that is hard to capture. I'd almost say there are two versions of Danko Jones, the recorded Danko, and the live one. The band finished off the evening with the traditional closedown of a Danko Jones show, the epic and goosebump-infecting song Bring On The Mountain, Danko's admiration for rock n roll, and a shout out to all people in (emotional) troubles. Hearing this song for the fifth time, it still gives me the shivers. Anyone who has a heart for rock will agree. It's an amazing song, up there with all the great classics. Well there you have it, Hollands first encounter with the new and improved Danko. A succes, and something to look forward too for the coming shows in December! Jones' still got the Angus Young stage power, the Joey Ramone charms and the fuckyouall hardcore attitude that is brought to you with love, sex, and a whole lotta ROCK. Still climbing to the top of the Rock'n'Roll mountain, he is! Don't miss this band coming December!