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Danko Jones - The Magical World Of Rock With Danko Jones
Before reviewing this album, I must first curb some enthousiasm. The fanatical Danko Jones fans already know this ofcourse, this is not a music record, it is a spoken word album. So no new album by the band Danko Jones, but 70(!) minutes of Rock n Roll adoration through stories and experiences by the man Danko Jones himself.

Is listening to a rockstar interesting at all? Well it depends. If you have a ferm love and/or adiction with music, you will be interested and enjoying this album. Danko Jones doesn't give you boring stories of the "hard life on the road", but tells you about music, and the love that us music lovers carry for it. With the enthousiasm of a high school kid the Canadian hits many spots, and recognition is one of the more frequently touched areas.

Some of his stories include his youth, growing up with Rock, the very recognisable addiction of buying vintage vinyl and cds, box sets, special editions and all that crap that you already had, but just had to own "because the fourteen year old inside told you to get it".

Another interesting story has to be the one about his encounter with one of his inspirations, Solomon Burke, at the Dutch Pinkpop festival. I'm sure many people indentify with that experience of meeting an idol, and the way he describes it is very enjoyable. I won't give away to much details, for you just have to hear it for your self to be able to fully enjoy it.

This is not just a Danko Jones fans collectors item, it is an enjoyable listen for any Rock N Roll fanatic, any music lover and Vinyl freak. Go on, indentify with Danko, I'm sure you will! If I had to make a comparison to similar albums; if you enjoyed Henry Rollins' (from Black Flag and Rollins Band) 'a rollins in the rye', you will defenitly enjoy this one.