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Hatesphere, Raunchy, Volbeat, Outburst - Danish Dynamite!
On a drizzly November sunday, the Danish Dynamite package had a show in De Bosuijl in Weert, Limburg. The package itself consisted of modern thrashers Hatesphere, Raunchy, rock 'n roll metalband Volbeat and the dutch supportband Outburst.

When we walked in Outburst was already playing. I have to say that having seen this band for a gazillion times now, they still put on an impressive live show. The band clearly has got what it takes to get out of the eternal support-slot and put on some headlining shows themselves. The music would be a bit better if there werent 400 riffs crammed into the songs; I prefer my thrashmetal a bit more 'compact'.

Next up was Volbeat, and holy shit, that band rocked! When I got home I read that they actually won a Danish metalprize for "best live band", and I totally agree with that! The band's mix of rock and roll and boogie influences with effective metalriffing and drums is unequaled and works like a charm. Gitarist/Vocalist Michael Poulsen has a great voice and live presence, really trying to interact with the crowd without missing a note. A new song was played as well, an ode to the late Johnny Cash, taking a run with country influences (country core? Cashmetal?) which sounded awesome. There was a lot of crowd in the venue for this band so I hope that some musicmojos take note and give this band more support. 

Third band of the evening was Raunchy, who put out a great record with Death Pop Romance. There seemed to be a lineup change since I couldnt find their keyboard player, so the band played with a lot of samples and vocalist Kasper did a great job with the clean vocals despite having a shitty live mix. It was a shame that a lot of people appearently didn't care much for this band since a lot of crowd suddenly dissapeared. Good band but a slightly more original sound might be in order to get rid of the "metalcore with singalong vocals" label.

Last but not least was Hatesphere, and those guys always seem to deliver. They played a nice mix of material from their last few albums. Beer bellies or not, Hatesphere's mix of thrash and death metal with their own patented kind of groove makes for some excellent headbangable live music, it's hard to not enjoy this kind a thing even if you don't know the band. Angryman Jacob Bredahl (vocals) is a funny guy and I guess the slogan "Drinking beer with Hatesphere" pretty much sums it up! All in all an excellent night, with great performances from all the bands!