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Sludgefeast - Stonerpunks
Okay since financial problems had disabled my plans to visit Leng Tch’e in Tilburg, I ventured back home to Venlo to hold my girlfriend company working at a punk rock show. Little did I know that there would be an extremely pleasant surprise waiting for me this evening, and no it didn’t involve oral sex.
The night started with two Dutch punkrock bands of which the first was Beans and the other I can’t remember the name of. Headliner was USA’s Time Again, but as my expertise stretches to the very lengths of growing up with De Heideroosjes and my interest in traditional punk music in general is at an all time low (which will probably remain so), I can’t really state anything of any value about these three acts. And if I did, it was probably that all the songs they played sounded the same. Not that the approximately hundred people present here would care about that.
The surprise came in the shape of the third band on the bill; Sludgefeast. This UK based trio consisting of a drummer, guitarist/vocalist and a female singing bassist were about to blow away half of the punkrock audience and make me very happy with their music. The band produces music in the boundaries of rock and punk, but with an emphasized stoner sound. There were four small cabinets hooked to the guitar amp that simply blew me away. Loud, heavy stoner riffs were thrown at us in songs of about a minute’s length, and it rocked like few things I have seen before. This would surely do well opening up for Queens Of The Stone Age or something. Add bashing drums (on a true stonerrock kit; with one cymbal and only a floor tom), lyrics about videogames and the word motherfucker in basically every song and you have yourself a sexy party. Drinking and smoking music. Awesome performance, by some very nice people I found out afterwards. I even received a copy of their latest album Virtua Rock and one of their upcoming album Shitrock Motherfuckers, expect both to be reviewed here soon. Next time they’re in this country, I’ll make sure I’m there!