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Sludgefeast - Shitrock Motherfuckers
A while back I already reviewed Sludgefeast’s previous album Virtua-Rock, only to continue with reviewing their new album Shitrock Motherfuckers, which I find an amazing album title. Just continue to rock out with your cock out!
For those who missed my other reviews, Sludgefeast produce the noisiest stoner I’ve ever heard. Keywords are stoner, metal rock, garage, and NOISE! Short bulldozer songs that rape your ear holes.
With that out of the way, what differs this album from the previous one? Well, in sound that is quite nothing. But on this album we have a lot of cover songs; from old video games that is. The album starts with a short track of about twenty seconds (of which the lyrical theme is playing a 100 songs), to continue with ten songs about videogames which are recorded live in a studio as part of a recording session where they tried to record a 100 songs. Then there are four songs from videogames, so they actually covered those bad ass bleeps and peeps into brutal stonernoise riffs. And to top it all of, they end the album with two songs for videogames, that are actually made from bleeps and peeps but with vocals. Funny shit.
Then there are of course a whole lot of bonus tracks added on the album which you can check out on your computer. The lay out of the record contains a massive bullshit background story about getting drunk and writing songs about videogames, which is pretty funny to read. It’s good to hear a great band that doesn’t really take anything seriously. If you can identify with this, go get this album. If you can’t, you never really had a childhood. Arcade rules!
Sludgefeast - Shitrock Motherfuckers
80/1001Details Undertow
Released on Thursday Feb 15th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Mar 27th, 2007

Tags: #Sludgefeast
Tracklisting 1. Centurion
2. Tempest 4000 (live)
3. Cut Me Loose (live)
4. Thunderforce Motherfucker (live)
5. Romero vs Carmack (live)
6. Outrun Motherfucker (live)
7. Nothing To Say (live)
8. Three Hours In China (live)
9. Year Of The Pac (live)
10. Lets Split (live)
11. Daytona USA motherfucker (live)
12. Theme From Thunderforce IV (from thunderforce IV)
13. Fantasy Zone (from space harrier)
14. Splash Wave (from outrun)
15. Name Entry (from daytona usa)
16. Tempest 4000 (C64 Version)
17. Erethezontidae (gameboy version)
Line up Coirin - bass/vocals
James - guitar/vocals
James II - drums