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Sludgefeast - Virtua-Rock
Recently I encountered the band Sludgefeast, who were so kind to donate me two of their amazing albums in order to review them (and add them to my ever growing and diverse collection, mwuhahaha!). These stoner/garage/punk rockers already released quite some material which is not that easy to come by. But this one should be, and here’s what it sounds like.
As I described it, it’s a rock band with a punk and garage way of playing and a massive stoner sound. After you’ve pressed play and the intro has passed, it sounds like an African elephant is trying to make love to a bulldozer or something. Brutal as fuck, extremely distorted noisestoner in packages of about one minutes length. Sometimes quite longer, sometimes a little shorter. Believe me, it’s distorted so heavily that my speakers can’t handle it. The normal volume I play my music at is 10, but with these guys I have to turn it down because I’m afraid my sound system will explode! Now that’s a loud fucking band!
The vocals are taken care of by guitarist James who has a nice scream and bassist Coirin who has more of a punkrock voice. Furthermore I believe almost every song contains the word motherfucker, which is always nice, and the main lyrical topic is arcade games. This is also very much expressed in the artwork, which looks like an old Sega game. It also has all kinds of specifications inside the artwork, which is pretty funny.
A DVD is included with Virtua-Rock, that features a hilarious hand-held camera adventure/documentary about the hard rock ‘n’ roll life the (then) foursome experience on the road. Also there are some promotional videos and quite some live footage. But mainly it’s a bunch of very funny bullshit. Furthermore there is a picture gallery and a hidden extra’s menu, but I haven’t had the time to discover that yet.
Well if you’re into extremely noise stoner rock with balls, you will definitely love Sludgefeast. If you can get your hands on a copy, buy it and rock out with your cock out, motherfucker!
Sludgefeast - Virtua-Rock
83/1001Details Must Destroy Music
Released on Sunday Dec 31st, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Mar 20th, 2007

Tags: #Sludgefeast
Tracklisting 1. Outrun Motherfucker
2. Total Confusion
3. Engine On
4. 321 Action
5. Nothin' To Say
6. Eugene
7. Thunderforce Motherfucker
8. Twin Galaxies
9. Deathmatch
10. Erethzontidae
11. Cuttin' The Slack
12. Chavez
13. Year Of The Pac
14. Unattainable
15. Fuck It Up Right Now
16. Enough Of You
17. Bulblax
Line up Coirin - bass/vocals
James - guitar/vocals
James II - drums