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Deftones, Will Haven - Pass the band
Although this was the first Dutch Deftones tourdate, it is unfortunately reviewed later than the second show. Even though there were four crewmembers present tonight, we sometimes are lazy, but in the end we get the job done. So we present you, a second live view of Deftones' So Ronery Tour.

Will Haven

I remember Will Haven from the time our TMF had the show Wet ‘n Wild, where they occasionally aired the video for their track ‘Carpe Diem’, which of course they played. Back then I didn’t like them, and now the band had the honour of opening up for the Deftones. A smart choice by the headlining band, because the previous time the band had an opening act here they had A Perfect Circle, and Deftones was bound to be worse than them. This time, Will Haven gave a completely worthless show. It resembled a sort of b-version of Deftones, with long-stretched melodic riffs, that at times seemed endless. About every track sounded the same, so after two songs I was bored as hell. The vocalist seemed to posses just one vocal sound, and at the end of every sentence he completely lost all power. A terrible person to listen to. Add a drummer that messed up several times and you’ve got yourself Will Haven. I hope I never have to see that again. (DemonDust)

The shitty thing was that three of my favourite Deftones songs were played when I was waiting outside for a friend. That beat from ‘Digital Bath’ is just Herculean, and only Abe Cunningham can play that one like it should be done. Too bad that the rest of the band didn't follow his good example. Again we got a mediocre Deftones show with oldies and newbies, tracks I love and tracks I hate. Fans say that they use creative songwriting, I say that they use pretentious compositions to hide the fact that they haven’t improved that much since lets say, 1999; "So lets just fool around and be creative". The power of the older songs is still valid, and it was actually the crowd which made the show going, singing along with tracks like ‘My Own Summer’, ‘Root’ and ‘Back To School’. Material of the last two records is still flat, and Chino's delay effect't improve things.

I even remember ‘Be Quiet and Drive’, which wasn’t on the setlist according to the one I found on the internet. It might be the beer, it might be me not caring, and maybe their stuff does tend to sound the same. Deftones are done, Deftones are through, bring on Team Sleep, bring on a new band with Stephen and Abe, etcetera, it's time to grow up. Same for the diehard fans on front. Good show, mediocre performance. "For old times sake". And this is the best show I've seen from them in years. (Carn)


Digital Bath
When Girls Telephone Boys
Around The Fur
Knife Party
Hole In The Earth
My Own Summer
Back To School
Cherry Waves
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