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Dub Trio - A journey through space and noise
Fortunately I discovered this show in time, because Dub Trio is not something I would want to miss. Their latest album New Heavy is amazing and last time they opened up for Peeping Tom it proved to be one hell of a live experience. This time they were the only band on the bill, so that meant that they would play for almost two hours. Awesome!
Now what kind of music does this band play? The name might give you an indication and yes they do play some dub, but that’s not the only thing. These guys love to throw in some rock, punk, metal and noise as well, creating intense music with lots of variety. At one point you can dance with a joint in your mouth, while the next moment you can headbang your ass off or space your brains out. A combination that suits me perfectly, and it’s all instrumental. Combined this forms reggae beats with guitar and bass that vary from space noise to brutal riffs. I like!
Dub Trio usually functions as a live band for huge artists like The Fugees and 50 Cent for instance, so they’re probably used to doing two hour shows. It seemed no problem for them to pull it off though, the band played an amazing set from start to finish. And since they had this much time to play they did their best to create some long stretched spacey soundscapes which were just incredible! But in the end someone from the venue had to actually come and tell them they were out of time, too bad because who knows what these guys could have done.
My highlight for this evening was of course the track ‘Cool Out And Coexist’ which is the heaviest track the band wrote. Kick ass! I feel very lucky to again have witnessed such an amazing show, hope to see them back here some time soon!