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Dub Trio - New Heavy
As the bandname already says: this ain’t no metal. It has a basis of dub, but it’s so much more than that. These guys were also honoured to be among Peeping Tom’s touring band, and yes they also have a history with Mike Patton. What to expect, what to expect!?
This band is best compared with an act like Dysrhythmia, both of them don’t have any vocals and both of them like to toy around with rhythms. The biggest difference is that Dub Trio can be very laid back. But hey, dub still is a reggae spin-off so what would you expect? The dub is joined by punk, rock and metal to spice up things a little bit. So it occasionally erupts in an instant. And all this makes things instrumentally very interesting for me.
The key issue is that we’re dealing with brilliant musicians here. The drummer can put up an extremely killer groove while also managing some challenging rhythms from time to time. The bass and the guitar may not always sound too difficult, but if you analyze it closely you'll discover that a whole lot of thought has been put in about everything that is done. The guitarist uses a whole bunch of effects which he masters with ease. Also all three of them know how to work with keyboards and effects to make it even more interesting. Awesome work is delivered on this record indeed.

Another interesting detail about this album is that the original for a Peeping Tom track can be found on this disc. ‘Not Alone’ is already featured on New Heavy, and the only difference (that I can spot) is a whole bunch of digital effects being added in that particular remix. This is of course also the only track with vocals.
If you want to chill out in an interesting way, Dub Trio has got just the stuff for you. For fans of Dysrhythmia to Bob Marley I’d say.
Dub Trio - New Heavy
90/1001Details Roir Reachout International Records
Released on Tuesday May 23rd, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Sep 12th, 2006

Tags: #Dub Trio
Tracklisting 1. Illegal Dub
2. Not Alone (featuring Mike Patton)
3. Angle Of Acceptance
4. Table Rock Dub
5. Jack Bauer
6. One Man Tag Crew
7. Yes You Can\'t
8. Sunny I\'m Kill
9. Screaming At The Sea
10. Cool Out And Coexist
11. Lullaby For...
Line up Stu Brooks - bass, keys, dubs
DP Holmes - guitar, keys, dubs
Joe Tomino - drums percussion, keys, melodica, dubs