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Devildriver, God Forbid, The Sorrow - Devildriver does it again
Devildriver's love for Holland and especially for Amsterdam was once again made clear, when they picked our capital city as kick off for the tour in support of their latest release, The Last Kind Words. The warming-up was provided by God Forbid and The Sorrow. 

First band of the night was The Sorrow, hailing from the country with that weird German accent: Austria. Actually, the band comes from a place called Moshviertel, and that has Mosh in it, so that's a pretty cool place. Anyway, this band plays their modern metalcore by the book; breakdown parts, up-tempo melodic riffs, and the oh so familiar mix of screams and clean vocals; somewhat of a bastard child of Bullet For My Valentine and Trivium. The ingredients might be familiar and done a thousand times before but The Sorrow knows how to make a nice meal out of it. I won't be the only one who probably thought that he heard a few things before in other bands, but these four guys played a pretty tight show and definitely got the crowd going. After listening to their debut Blessings From A Blackened Sky I can see why these guys are well thought of; The Sorrow is one of the better bands in this genre. (Carn)

This was my third time seeing literally black metallers God Forbid live. The first time, three years ago, I was really into American plain metal bands, but the show back then was quite boring. The second time was at last years Hell On Earth tour and was even drearier and so my exceptions for this show were pretty low. But three times is maritime law (like we say it in Dutch), which means that God Forbid was now able to surprise me with a very energetic performance. The young crowd enjoyed it all very well and kept on moving during the whole show. God Forbid for sure has a lot profit by playing as supporting act of the popular Devildriver. The (short) set list consisted of opening song
'End Of The World', 'Force Fed', the hit single 'Antihero', 'Soul Engraved', 'The Lonely Dead' (which was screamed out loud by the public), 'Chains Of Humanity', 'To The Fallen Hero' and final track 'Broken Promise'. (Mindsaver

So the day has finally come for me to see Devildriver live. A day to remember for sure! This has overcome my expectations by far. I thought that there were some minor circle pits and similar stuff, but the violence didn't stop! I don't feel like writing stuff about how popular this band has become in the past few years, because I don't know/care, but I know one thing: These guys are great to see live! Well let's start talking about the gig then. When the first tunes of
'End Of The Line' started, all I could see were devilhorns up in the sky. From that moment, people were moshing constantly! I have absolutely no clue how they do it? I guess it's just the fact that they fuck everything up, in a good way then. One thing that really kept me headbanging all night, were Dez's vocals. Frightening if you ask me! 

The way the band interacted with the crowd was great to see too, because I absolutely hate bands that just stand on the stage, doing their stuff and that's it. That is NOT the Devildriver way. Another funny thing to see was that some "cool" kids wanted to act tough and all and they got on stage with some sad attempts to dive into the crowd. One was VERY unlucky though: he got thrown of the stage pretty hard, so hard that I could feel the ground shaking. Pretty brutal if you ask me. They've played some of my favourite songs:
'Ripped Apart''Clouds Over California' and 'Sin And Sacrifice' and they ended the set with 'Swinging The Dead', which is my favourite song of their first album by the way. The crowd was great, Devildriver was great, everything was just great! As I've said before: A day to remember! (Richie)