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Devildriver, God Forbid - .....And Again

After witnessing the great Devildriver show in Amsterdam I was not yet saturated by their furious live show so I decided to travel all the way to Groningen two days later, yeah I really am cool huh? Due to the long time it took me to get there I could only see the last two songs of The Sorrow, which I didn�t pitied, because as my colleague Carn said in the previous review their metalcore isn�t of a high original level. So God Forbid is the first band I�m gonna review.

And unfortunately I also didn�t find God Forbid�s music too original or surprising. I remember that I found Gone Forever, released in 2004, a pretty awesome album�and they still seem to thrive on that album. Of course there�s nothing wrong with playing the good old songs, songs like �Anti-Hero� and �Force Fed� are great to see live, but I really got the feeling that this band isn�t making any progression at all. In fact, the newer songs make a far lesser impression than those old ones. That Byron Davis� voice sharp squealing still is slightly annoying and the clean vocals aren�t forceful doesn�t help making it any better. True God Forbid fans must have had a good time, but for me the best part of the show was when they turned on �I�m black y�all� at the end of the show.
Just as at the show in Amsterdam Devildriver kicked off with �End of the Line� which evolved into �There�s Nothing Wrong�, a fantastic and powerful begin of a show! Dez, with again longer hair and this time with a nice beard, had the audience once again totally in his grasp. He�s one of those frontmen who has so much charisma and energy that he can let a venue explode just by letting slip the smallest fart; fantastic. The setlist was quite similar to that of the show in Amsterdam, so there was a slight emphasis on the first two albums. That was a thing that I couldn�t regret, because although The Last Kind Words is a brutal fucking album, I must say that I have a preference for the first two albums. The songs on The Last Kind Words just seem to be little bit less memorable somehow and the first two albums have a more distinct identity. Anyway Devildriver gave, just as was to be expected, a fantastic intense and brutal show with a lot of people moshing it up and of course a big circle pit during �The Wretched�. Thanks Dez & Co.!