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The Lucifer Principle, Devildriver, God Forbid - Release the party
When The Lucifer Principle was already in its completeness on stage, singer Earik had some news preceding to the show concerning the new record. Due to a communication failure at the label's office, the box with new CD's didn't arrive on time and were on that moment on the way from Belgium to the venue. Furtunately they were delivered on time so TLP was able to sell its first copies.

After Earik's message Dez Fafara from Devildriver entered the stage, who had an announcement as well. He said we had to wait a little much longer: God Forbid would be the first act to appear, followed by Devildriver themselves so that they could open up for The Lucifer Principle. Reason? "That's what you do for friends!"

Approximately 2 weeks ago I saw God Forbid for the first time live and now I was going to see them again. The show they put on in Amsterdam was very energetic and they did a fine job back then. Unfortunately tonight was different, when they started with 'The End Of The World' it was immediately clear that touring is very exhausting. The show wasn't very energetic and the (clean) vocals weren't convincing and powerful at all. Most of the songs that were played tonight were from their last album IV: Constitution Of Treason, but the old ones convinced the most. The last 2 songs of the set - 'Anti-Hero' and 'Broken Promise' - convinced the most. These oldies were played decently and caused a positive ending of a mediocre show. (Gilles)

After God Forbid's performance it was time for the biggest name on the bill tonight: Devildriver. Dez and his comrades never let me down, neither did they this time. From the first notes from 'End Of The Line' till the closing tunes of 'Meet The Wretched' they pounded over their fans, who responded with heavy headbanging, screaming, moshing and stage diving. Fun to see were two young kids who were carefully lifted over the people's heads - all in order to Dez, who added the words "don't let them fall or I will kick your ass"! The setlist consisted of a lot songs from Devildriver's latest release The Last Kind Words: 'Not All Who Wander Are Lost', 'Clouds Over California', 'Head On To Heartache (Let Them Rot)' and 'The Axe Shall Fall' were all performed live. Only thing of which I expected more was the famous circle pit; it was there and organized by the band, but I at least expected it to go completely around the sound desk, which it didn't. Further on a great experience, one of my favourite bands in my hometown! (Mindsaver)

Although some people already left the hall because of the public transport, there were still a lot of people left in the sold out Gigant, all here to see Apeldoorn's very own The Lucifer Principle present their debut album. I can't get into detail about the show due to the amount of beer I already had on this point (it was a party right?!), but I know one thing for sure: this band is talented enough to support some death metal acts through a whole continent. And I'm defenitely not kidding here! The stage performance of TLP was already on a high level for quite some time, and now they've got their record which just has to be heard. The sound of their so-called "stomping" death metal - hefty, sluggish, old school yet grooving and with venomous parts - was outrageous and the party continued just as hard as with the highly praised Devildriver. And now I almost forget to mention the pyros on stage, something I'd only seen before by Metallica and In Flames. The Lucifer Principle was truly worth the ending slot! (Mindsaver)