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Alabama Thunderpussy, Firebird - Farmerrock!
It has been since the Roadburn festival two years ago that Alabama Thunderpussy played in Europe, and back then they made a great impression on me. Farmerrock on its best! Since then a new album has been released with a new vocalist, so I went to see the show twice but I�ll just review the show in Rotterdam here because I didn�t see the whole show in Tilburg.
The opening act for this tour is Firebird, the bluesrock trio created by Carcass� guitarist/vocalist Bill Steer. Quite a different band, but they deliver some quality bluesrock that anybody into that type of music can appreciate. I�m not that much into it, and after about thirty minutes of their music I have had it with it. The guys are tight and good at what they do, but somehow I just keep getting the feeling I�ve heard it all before. No wonder I walked out of their concert twice, at the same point in the show. Good band, but not for me.
Well in Rotterdam me and my companion Napalm Lex got the point. We needed to drink beer, as much as our depleted wallets would allow. So we did, and enjoyed ourselves some heavy-as-fuck rock �n� roll music from Alabama Thunderpussy (one of the greatest names in rock history if I do say so myself) to accompany the beer! As I quote myself: �this music makes you want to have a moustache.� And a big fat beard, like all of the members in ATP. The volume was real loud at this show, and I forgot my earplugs so I really got into the music. Although new vocalist Kyle Thomas sings pretty high overall (and he informed me he had a bad fever when I talked to him), it didn�t bother me at all (contrarily to the show in 013, where I wasn�t as drunk as I was here and where the volume was a lot lower). The pounding drums and the soaring guitars got me in the mood perfectly, especially the guitar of Eric Larsson, the man with the biggest beard in the band, had this immense stoner feel in it. After the show, you could say we partied on for a while too, cool lads there thunderpussy�s. Great band, fit for any member of the Turbojugend or Peter Pan Speedrocker.