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Firebird - Hot Wings
I'll make this a short one. The only reason why this disc is reviewed on is because it's Bill Steer's band. And as most of you probably know, Bill was part of the legendary Carcass. But his recent endeavours have nothing to do with Carcass at all, as most of you might also know.

Firebird's 4th album is always, retro as fuck. 70's style bluesy rock somewhat reminiscent of The Black Crowes only a lot more groovy. And it's actually pretty good again. Never sounding rehashed, it sports cool riffs, fat grooves and lovely guitar solos all with that easygoing 70's flow. 

And Bill Steer actually can sing like he was born and recorded in that day and age.
Anyway, if you have a broader taste in music and (like me) do fancy a bit of retro rock once every now and then you could do a lot worse than getting this. 

If not, than walk along cuz there's nothing to see here. :p
Firebird - Hot Wings
80/1001Details Rise Records
Released on Tuesday Sep 5th, 2006
70's Rock

Writer @Ce-El-Wan on Monday Oct 9th, 2006

Tags: #Firebird
Tracklisting 1. Carousel
2. Good Times
3. Misty Morning
4. Play The Fool
5. Horse Drawn Man
6. Overnight
7. Bow Bells
8. Flying Blind
9. I Wish You Well
10. Needle In The Groove
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