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Hed pe, OPM, Demia - Metal, punkrock, hip hop and reggae.
This was the second time that Hed pe visited our country this year, and of course Metalrage was present with sufficient reviewers. An interview unfortunately didn�t happen this time, but it might be done by mail after they finish their tour. For now, here�s the review of the show.

Opening band was Demia, a band that is searching for a label to release their album. They make straight forward metal with some metalcore influences in it. A lot of double bass work, a lot of jumping up and down and a lot of screaming. Unfortunately there also was a lot of clean singing from the vocalist, but he doesn�t really reach the tones he wants to with enough power. That becomes more and more annoying throughout the show. For the rest they don�t play the most original music, but they bring it very well.

Hed pe�s touring buddy�s were OPM, whom had a modest hit some time ago with the song �Heaven Is A Halfpipe�, which of course they played tonight. OPM makes a combination of (a lot of) reggae, hip hop and pop-rock. Feel-good music you could say. Most of them looked pretty stoned during the show, especially the vocalist who confessed he was very far gone. But since everyone in the band besides the drummer sings it wasn�t a major problem. That drummer by the way was amazing, he kept playing those reggae beats with such power that he made them sound hip hop. Cool shit! The band had a good sound and managed to transfer their vibe excellent towards the crowd. Good clean fun!

Contrary to last time, as soon as Hed pe hit the stage we were in chaos. Maybe it was due to the smaller venue, but the crowd was way more fanatic than at the previous show. The crowd was treated to many songs of the bands new album Back 2 Base X, which features a lot of punk rock and reggea. A good thing is that these songs are played by only one guitarist, so contrary to the old tracks they play you don�t really miss a second guitarist. Funny thing is that vocalist Jahred really makes his statement against emo music, getting he crowd to say �fuck emo�, telling people that it�s about real music and that nobody is gonna remember My Chemical Romance in twenty years (while covering Bob Marley and Rage Against The Machine), and most important, NOT doing the emo bridge parts in their songs. I found the show highly entertaining and I occasionally threw myself in the moshpit for some violent action. Again we were treated to songs of all albums, and this time we even got, as the last song, �Bartender�. Only this version didn�t have an exploding chorus, and again as soon as they came to the bridge they quit and the show was over. A weird end to a very good show. As I stated before, forget about the old Hed pe, and embrace the new punkrockers from hell!