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Korn, Flyleaf, Deathstars - A closed chapter
Just a little while before this show it was announced that Munky would not be able to play, he went back to the US for personal circumstances. So now there would be only Jonathan and Fieldy left as the remaining two original bandmembers. Last summer, at the Fields of Rock festival, I was pretty fond of what I saw Korn do there, so on this day I gave it another try to see whether Korn still got the life.
First band of the night was Deathstars. This horror/industrial rock band originates from Sweden and is mainly focussed on giving a strange show. You can compare the band with Murderdolls, Wednesday 13 and Marilyn Manson when they got an off-day. Only worse. The show of this band wasn't interesting; it was lame, boring and simple. The comment about 'having sex with your father' and 'even if your mother approves it' didn't make any impression on the crowd and besides that there was nothing impressive to say about the show. Not to mention the annoying red light during the ENTIRE set! [Buzzin Hornet]
I know Flyleaf for two years now and I truly like their latest effort which I bought in NYC last year. Last week Universal mailed me the Dutch version of this album and I was surprised they were still going to release this album. Live the sound wasn't that good, the bass was way too loud which caused the vocals to fade away in the trembling. For the rest the band has just written good and solid songs which also come across in a positive way when played live in front of a crowd. The bass player went completely nuts during the entire show, while the rest of the band was busier on themselves instead of entertaining the crowd. The song 'Cassie' was one of the better songs played of the evening and the Nine Inch Nails 'Something I Can Never Have' cover was misplaced this evening. I hope to see this band in a smaller venue in the near future, where they will get the chance to sound check, to get a better impression. [Buzzin Hornet]
The first major thing which caught the eye when Korn came on stage was that the two guitar players were on the same level as Jonathan and Fieldy. At previous shows, when Munky was still there, the original bandmembers were in the front and the other guys in the back, so you could just look at Jonathan, Fieldy and Munky and forget about the others. This time around it couldn’t be denied that Korn really has become a different band with new members. Many songs from the last two records were played and in case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m into the old Korn style. Well I actually wonder who is really into the new shit Korn is making today. So I was like, okay lets just see this as an intermezzo and wait for the old songs to come, because Korn always plays the obliged songs as ‘Freak on a Leash’, ‘Falling Away From Me’ and ‘Got the Life’. There were however some slight alternations, because only the bagpipe intro of  ‘Shoots and Ladders’ was played and it was the first time that I heard ‘K@#Ø%!’ live. But unfortunately Korn couldn’t play those songs tight enough and with real passion anymore. It just didn’t have the energy is used to have and it didn’t have that cool Korn feeling anymore. Things like watching Jonathan sing ‘We Will Rock You’ and the audience initiating a wall of death all by themselves during ‘Blind’ contributed to the descending Korn feeling. Those aren’t things that are supposed to happen at a Korn show you fucking retards. For an old Korn fan, this show was the end of one of the greatest musical chapters. [Sledgehammer]