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Korn, Hacktivist, Black-Bone - Korn is back and better than ever
One of the biggest nu-metal bands visited The Netherlands once more. This time KoRn played in het Klokgebouw, Eindhoven, and had brought Black-Bone and Hacktivist along.

The first band of the evening was the Dutch rock band Black-Bone. Although the sound wasn’t perfectly fine-tuned, the band got some heads banging and some hands clapping along. Nevertheless, all the songs sounded alike and the music didn´t quite match with the other bands. It was okay for a local band, but it wasn’t the opening act I had hoped for.

A mix of Bury Tomorrow, Dope D.O.D., KoRn and Dizzee Rascal came on stage in the form of Hacktivist. This band got half an hour to entertain the crowd as well, and the difference with the previous band was tremendous. The time flew by, songs like “Elevate”, “Niggas In Paris”, and “Unlike Us” passed, and the crowd felt the energy and even started to move during the set. The band also gave us a sneak peak of their debut record with the first single “No Way Back”. The raps were even faster and the music was tighter and harder in comparison with their EP. The band really put on a good show and, although many older people walked away and couldn’t understand this band, it was a very good support act. Once again, most people couldn’t be bothered by the imperfect sound mixing. This was about the fourth time that I saw this band in about a year time and with the new material, it probably was the best time as well.

Headliner KoRn has had a little reunion since last summer because Head has rejoined the band. This creative spirit has had a major influence in the band and has been noticeable once again. After a short intro the band opened their set with “Falling Away From Me”. After “Twist” and “Got The Life” it was time for the first song from The Paradigm Shift: “Love & Meth”. During these songs it was already very enjoyable to see all the members of the band back together on stage. They had a lot of interaction with each other, for example by throwing picks at each other, telling jokes and laughing a lot, but they also had a lot of interaction with the crowd, which is something the band didn’t always have in the past. The sound still wasn’t as good as everybody had hoped, but a lot better compared with Black-Bone and Hacktivist. Crowdsurfers tried to surf over the pit or around it, which many of them did quite well. After this new song they played a mix of older and newer songs, namely “Narcissistic Cannibal”, “Dead Bodies Everywhere”, “Spike In My Veins”, “Get Up”, and “Did My Time”.

The band clearly enjoyed the show very much and therefore the energy of the crowd increased as well. Because the band was feeling so good, they played even better together. Furthermore, they played songs like “Coming Undone”, “Here To Stay”, “Never, Never”, and of course “Freak On A Leash”. After this amazing hit the band already had to leave the stage. Naturally, they came back for an amazing encore with “Clown”, “Good God” and “Blind”. However, after these songs their set came to an end. All fans definitely went home happy and satisfied.

This was probably the best performance by KoRn I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait until they come back! The same applies to Hacktivist, who seem to grow every time.