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Immolation, Melechesh, Goatwhore - Death metal masters
So what do you do after an exhausting and freezing Paaspop festival? Exactly, go and wake up at an Immolation concert! Unfortunately I discovered a bit late that the show was an early one, so I missed the show of Sickening Horror, which was a big bummer because I really like their latest album (with drums from Nile drummer George Kollias). Ah well, on to the next mayhem then!
And that mayhem came from the band Goatwhore, what’s in a name right? This black metal band features an ex-Crowbar guitarist and the Soilent Green vocalist among others, and they play a style of black metal that was quite nice to listen to actually. Black ‘n’ roll would probably be the more appropriate word for their style, with nice grooves and not too much fast paced parts in the songs. With every song I started to like the band a bit more, and by the time the band arrived at the last song I made up my mind, I like this band.
Next on the bill was the Dutch band Melechesh, which was formed in Jerusalem, of all places. They play a style of black/thrash metal which is not so appealing to me, so I can’t really say much about it, The songs are well performed and well arranged, it’s just that after a track or two I lost complete interest and headed for the bar. Beer time!
I unfortunately missed the last album of Immolation, as I did with the EP before that. Nevertheless I was anxious to see them live again, since they’re still one of my favourite death metal bands out there. Unfortunately the band played quite some tracks from those albums which are not in my possession, next to a couple of classics among which was the uber-classic track ‘Immolation’. Rhythmically and melodically I think this band operates in its own complete dimension, but today I noticed what the problem is with this band. The drummer that resides behind the kit these days doesn’t have any rock and roll in his drum play. This guy is all about technique, no hard hitting, no headbanging, no nothing. I understand that Immolation is a very hard band to play drums for, but dude, come on, get into it! Ah well, overall I enjoyed myself very well at their show, and their encore even made me bang my head so I guess they must have been doing something right. Great to see this band still going at it, even though they can’t make a living from and in my opinion they still don’t get the respect they deserve.