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Cursed, Human Demise, Black Haven -
In a far past I once thought it was cool to run around at Hot ‘n’ Steamy Monkey Love concerts wearing a monkey mask. One such happening took place in Amsterdam, at the Winston to be precise, when the band played with Cursed. That band made a great impression on me then, so when I saw they came back to play some shows I really wanted to see one. Off I went, into a night of dark hardcore.
The band to start the evening was Black Haven. I missed most of their set since I was late, but what I heard was a nice hardcore band in the vein of acts like Rise And Fall. You know, with a really heavy sound. Too bad I only saw a couple of tracks, because it was quite nice.
Up next was Human Demise, a rude hardcore band with low and heavy riffs. Overall I have to say that the music they played was kind of your basic harder, only with a really low sound (just like the main act does). Vocalist Maurice was flying across the stage like a maniac while screaming out his message in a very weird way. Unfortunately he could produce only one sound with his voice, which wasn’t too comfortable to listen to, especially after a number of tracks. It sort of reminded me of the annoying vocals from Today Is The Day, perhaps Human Demise uses these vocals on purpose, perhaps it’s all he can spit out. Overall I have to say that it wasn’t my cup of tea. Too bad.
Headliners Cursed started out their tour today, and this time they thought it was wise not to bring their own equipment with them. Good idea, if you check out the stuff before you get on stage, and know how to handle it. The guys were pretty much cursed indeed for this show, because between every track an uncomfortable silence fell on stage, and the vocalist had to do his best apologizing to the crowd and entertaining them. Last time I saw them they bashed away song after song with their ultra-low and nasty crust-hardcore, this time there was no pass at all in the show. In the end I was disappointed and unsatisfied I have to say, but I don’t blame Cursed. I just hope for them that they do better on the rest of their shows.
Details Written on Friday May 2nd, 2008
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Cursed #Human Demise #Black Haven