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Human Demise - Whitechapel Demise
I was driving in my car when I was first listening to this MCD. I always have a few other CDs lying around in my car. I don’t like to drive in silence. The coincidence is that I just took Hatebreed back inside. I really thought I was listening to Hatebreed though. Only something was different… the production… the sound…
The band itself compares the music to bands like Sworn Enemy, Strife, Ringworm and Integrity. Who am I to discuss this comparison? I think it is quite correct (I didn’t listen to Integrity yet), but couldn’t help noticing that all 7 songs can be compared to, as I said before, Hatebreed very well, especially the album “Rise of Brutality”. The band plays dark hardcore with lyrics about death fear and conspiracy. Even the artwork is dark and about death fear and conspiracy.
The sound is pretty solid, the drum parts are pretty tight and the guitars are mixed in pretty well. Though all this is done pretty well, I am a little disappointed in the music itself. It is not really finished and a bit messy.  It sounds like they wanted everything to sound like the way it is supposed to sound. The beat down parts, the breaks, the anger…there is not much new in that.
The Singer has a good throat and I am sure he could do a lot more, maybe with a bit more time… The guitar solos though, are worse. Not really worth the title solo. Just a few high notes, played one after the other, and then the next riff…
The MCD has a great theme, and there is thought about a lot of things, but the MCD gets boring after listening to it a few times. No riffs that stay bugging me the rest of the day or which I just need to sing over and over again. Maybe they thought about the theme more then about the music.
Though Human Demise has played plenty of shows and they did some gigs abroad, it still is a Dutch hardcore band trying to reach their goals. Maybe they are better life then on CD, but on CD they are still a band that is in the progress of finding their own style and a band that in my opinion should try to make their music a bit more interesting, and a bit less messy, because that is the part that made me realise I wasn’t listening to Hatebreed far before the first song ended.
Human Demise - Whitechapel Demise
63/1001Details X Envy Records X
Released on Friday Dec 30th, 2005

Writer @Cymric on Friday Dec 30th, 2005

Tags: #Human Demise
Tracklisting 01. Chambers Of Hell
02. Only Worth In Bits
03. You Sicken Me - mp3
04. The Observer
05. Mary Ann\'s Verse
06. Whitechapel Demise
07. Like Insects
Line up Paul- Guitar
Michiel - Guitar
Muarice - Vocals
Ivo - Drums
Jasper - Bass